The Wall

Ever had that moment when you come back to reality but at first it’s like you’re seeing it through a wall of water?

I have, many times.

Everything is happening a few seconds slower than usual and it feels like nobody can see you just yet.

You feel numb, yet safe.

Even if the world you see is a chaos you’re still safe.


That all feels wonderful until the end of the water wall comes and it falls down.

You start to hear the deafening noise that once was blocked from your ears making you wince for a minute or two until you learn to block it enough to be bearable.


You see that wherever you are is a mixture of peace and destruction.

There is a mix of clear blue skies and gray with tints of red smoke and black clouds,

The ground is filled with a clear blue mass of water with burning flames of red fire in some sections.

There are people around your age there.

Most are just walking around with bitter faces but they don’t seem to mind their surroundings,

Others have a different reaction, they are attacking each other like animals beating themselves up with such fury.


It seems unnatural how a person can hold so much anger.

You are so focused on how they are acting over there at their side you become careless.

You forget to stay on guard.

That was your mistake.


When you come back to your senses it’s too late,

You were already falling into the ground with great impact.

Somebody had swung at you while you were staring the other way, being focused on the others and not yourself,

Not at the ones closest to you.

You were there too, now it just sunk in.


You’re in the middle of this chaos like everyone else that you had once only been looking at from afar, a safe distance.

While that thought is sinking in,

You feel your eyes giving out on you and soon your hearing is the only thing reminding you that you’re still there.

You start to miss your safe and numbing wall. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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