The First Night Alone

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 23:53 -- amyed


United States
41° 11' 26.9448" N, 87° 51' 53.2656" W

Walking in the black mist,
I feel an impending sense of doom.
I see nature on either side of me,
But I feel all alone.

Screams fill the air suddenly,
Fill it to the brim
With their moans, screams,
Of begging to survive,
And then be cut off in mid sentence
With a strangled sob.

I try to run,
But the midt encloses me
Surrounds me
Like a horrible coat.
The screaming stops
But that is more scarier.
It makes me wonder in fright:
Who is the person responsible?

I sense a presence behind me.
I'm scared to look.
I fail to see my attacker
As they swiftly and silently
Hurt me.

I am jerked out of the situation immediately.
I am shivering.
My covers are drenched with sweat,
And my heart is beating
As if trying to break free of my chest.
Outside the first rays of dawn
Slide through the window
Promising rescue
From the terrifying night.

As I sit up in bed,
And am gazing at the sunrise,
I begin to realize:

The nightmare is over.

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