Mon, 04/13/2015 - 23:45 -- Lain12

The singing of the birds,

the music of the river,

the whistles of the leaves,

they calm the demon inside me.

It's silent.

I can hear my thoughts

singing in perfect harmony.

My mind dancing in perfect rhythm.

It is all too peaceful.

A creature of darkness

in a forest of light.

I drift among the wind,

hoping this is never ending dream.

I lift from the ground

forming a mountain

high enough

to reach the gods.

A creation of a new peace

is all I seek.

They curse my words,

they are deaf when I speak,

they are blinded by their own fear.

All they see is

a monster

of pure darkness.

An evil at hand.

I can carry out

my rage on innocent lives


there will be no satisfaction.

They live on what is

good and bad,

light and dark,

pure and corrupt.

We are divided,

we are categorized,

and I will always lose.



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