Drifting Away In The Wind

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 21:40 -- Lain12

The blood pouring out of me is the life I couldn't contain.

I was to embrace a misfortune that brought me to my knees.

An escalation of events that made my mind ponder for a century.

I maintained a status quo yet the unsustainable rage building up was close to eruption.

I pleaded for a life without any meaning.


The standing silence kept me closed at hand.

Waiting for my pitiful soul to run dry and cast my body away to rot.

I believed in miracles and it's salvation for my daily torments.

I believed that I, a sinner, could be saved in this world of chaos.

I believed in the creature planted inside my head only to be deceived by it.

The roaring of the lion is what I hear creating unpleasant memories.


I suppress the words you said in vain to terrorize a dying body.

You chained my tongue to your bag of toxins.

You tied my vocal chords to wrap yourself around a figment of lies.

You blinded my mind and left my eyes to coward down in the darkness.


A phenomenal disaster I became attacking the innocent and protecting the wicked.

I carved my soul onto the walls to trap the chaos clustered in my heart.

I walk with no empathy towards mankind.

I’ve lost sight of what is good and evil.

I became greedy and gambled my life only to lose it within a blink of an eye.

I ravage the world now without a conscience.

I bury my desire beneath the sands of time.

I have become the monster I feared so much.



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