Comfort in the Chaos

My mind, it spins

Endlessly it seems, like the arms of a hurricane.

And yet, it is trapped, centered, in my body,

Next to you.

A small shift in weight.

A whimper.

You understand,

You touch me,

Pluck me from the darkness that I swim through,

With the consistency of glue.

You hug me to your body, and suddenly,

The two of us become one,

Floating through something lighter than air.

Others don't care.

They laugh at me when my breath becomes heavy,

When my eyes water.

They don't understand.

They tell me that I musn't worry.

But it's not that simple,

It never is.

But you, you love me.

You are different.

My comfort in the chaos.

You would never laugh at me,

Never turn your back.

Instead, you hold me when I shake,

You wipe away my tears,

You sit with patience and kind whispers.

Because you love me, I am calm.

I am quiet.

I am fine.

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