A Letter to Cerebral Ameloid Angiopathy

Abigail Sullivan

Part 1: A Letter to Cerebral Ameloid Angiopathy.

Out of nowhere, you chose my dad as a potential victim to interrogate.

You crept upon my family as a probable cause for a new grave slate.

You sick creature took a dagger to my father’s nerves

and for my young siblings, you had not the slightest concern.

You didn’t even bother informing me personally

I discovered news of the tragedy through facebook- barely

My pastor posted about father being hospitalized

and I had to read this with my tired, young eyes

My life was normal before you made an appearance.

Ruining lives is the only meaning of your pathetic existence.

But you couldn’t manage to ruin mine;

at this point, you may as well just resign

Part 2: A Letter to the high school senior who almost lost her father.

You are going to survive. Dad is going to live. Sure, life won’t be the same.

You won’t be able to afford that tiny, liberal arts college.

You won’t be able to move into a dorm in Fall of 2017.

As you attend your last choice university,

you will gain a sense of responsibility

and you will face your father being on disability.

Reality is about to bolt onto you like lightning.

On you, your siblings will be depending.

Don’t look at this as a set back-

look at this as a new conflict for you to attack.

My interest in public policy has been reinforced.

My struggle will be used to advocate

for those can not advocate for themselves

I now understand what is held by my career’s fate.


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