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(Patois)   A ooman goh inna Rasta Nym food shap Di custama dem a buy wah dem waah Shi axe im sey, “Natty Dread, omuch fi a bun ahn cheese? Rasta Nym nuh ansa har
I’m not angry at you Ya know? I might have been angry Or sad Or frustrated Or some combination of that Mixed with the feeling of being utterly destroyed But I was never angry at you
I drove home yesterday. All the way from north to south. I drove home yesterday. Not a sound escaped my mouth.   I drove home yesterday.
you hurt me  you were supposed to protect me    you broke me  you were supposed to hold me    you terrifeid me  you wee supposed to make me brave    you left 
warmth.  embrace, it's something i lack. i'll be without, you won't come back.   hate. love, it's all an illusion. at this point it's all confusion.    fate.
Learn to own your own. If you mess up, you must say sorry don't blame it on this or that You claim to be lone subject to popularity and favor but you are the one who wears that mask  
You seem far to lonely to be saying you don't miss me Could it be chaos is just in our genes? You seem far too lonely to be saying that you'd rather leave It's okay to say to you're lying to me
I AM BROKEN By kaleena mojarro   
They say stand up for yourself when someone makes you feel small. But, then they tell you "Chill out". All of a sudden speaking up shouldn't be an option.
I told you that you took my breath away; Little did I know that you were suffocating me.   ~awatr
15 things I wish I could say to you... One:  I hate you.
Cowboy skeleton Succeeds in all stock markets But rages too much.
We are the peopleWe are the nationWho has a beast inside Don't disturb usWe open our tongueless mouthsWe roar with a thousand voicesThe thunder of a thousand gunsThunder of a thousand hearts
Your words dropped to the floor like the weapons that they were,For you cared not for what you meant to me,For you cared not that your words stung like a slap to the face,
The hood also known as the ghetto, el barrio, the projects, section 8 and home. A place where family functions don't end till the next day.
Help. I’m alone and I can’t cry for help There are monsters stabbing my mind, I must conceal from everyone else  When it comes to being loved, I simply just repel I don’t want to nail the floor, I am lost with no direction
Best friends forever? More like best friends for never Every word you ever said to me was a straight lie. You played with my head and I just gotta ask "why?" Your selfish ways will never be forgotten
Don’t you dare  don’t you dare  speak one more lie  that I’m up to no good  when I making sure  you can get by    don’t you dare say  I do nothing for you  when I hide my pain 
 Cut off my leg and sharpen my bone I stab myself for every time I thought you wouldn’t leave me alone. I was an idiot to think that you wouldn’t go but how the hell would I know
What are you supposed to get a dying relationship for Christmas? I wish rekindling this flame was as simple as Kwanza, But our candles are down to the black baby, Wakanda
america the free, that's what they say i am free, that's what they say you're free they say i am free
I'm still trying to catch up on all the hours of sleep that are lost with you.
Which way will you turn? Blinkers stay unlit, One land, Two sea, None by inept driver. Absent headed fool in traffic we sit, Stick figure family, mocking riders.  
This is our last chance to grieve Dear Lord, I was only thirteen The host of trepidation freshly forgot, You coerced forgiveness from fester and rot  
Dear God (if you are even there) The world is cruel Most people realize this at a young age Well at least I did When I was young, everything seemed so big
Its frustrates me. It pisses me off. The way she can say She wants boyfriend When I was a great one But no she dumped me Cuz she was gonna cheat on me. Like what the fuck
If we aren't getting killed by cops or enduring police brutality  We are killing each other. It's like the fighting never stops. History is slowing repeating itself, just in different versions.
the gods are angry they shake my window with their boisterous voices they casue my body to tremble in fear and my eyes to overspill their salty tears   zeus and his lightning are vengeful tonight
Stuck, entangled, Entrapped in the mangled Mess of the past This hollow tomb for a doer Of evil is empty and black There is no hope for the futer Cause Only death is to come
This looks like jump to me You are a cockroach
B L I N D I see the way he looks at her He wants her He would brighten her The perfect two Oh, joy! Like they were matched Meant to be But, She's too blind!
I am sad but never mad no one knows why I dont get how people can smile when they see people cry
I stand on the corner of Canfield and Clarion. I search for a familiar car to drive me away. It is cold; there is no car in sight, And the wind cuts deep into my soul.
Everyone says I need to get over you But I can't seem to convince myself were throughWe're doneWe're overJust wish I wasn't sober Wish I could delete the thoughts From my headBut somehow
I lie here and I think about what we could of had, you were like a puzzle to me that I wish to put together you always seemed down, and I wanted to bring you up you seemed to be lost, and I thought I found you
I want to smile. I want to be happy all the time. I want to have fun with my friends. That does not always happen. Life gets in the way.
what exactly must i do to attract the gaze God gave to you?   and what exactly must you hear to suddenly know you want me near?   i know it's nothing i can say to change my image in your brain,
After you destroyed me I wanted to cut off your hands Rip your fingers to shreds Tear your lips off of your face Gouge your blue eyes from their sockets Slice your legs to bits  
I am me, I am powerful. I am a leader. I am Hispanic. I am queer. I am a human being. I cry, I shout, I plead for the ending of hate  I kiss, I love, I breath.
He whispers to the moon, Have you really seen it all? The wars and the terror and the art Seen the righteous killed and the sadists born
The older generation talks about how we record everything and how we are always on social media but still has the right to comment under a video that's posted on social media and call us brain washed degenerates.  Just because I was born in this g
Every time I look to my watch, on my wrist, I see the scars that remind me of my past, The cuts that haunt my dreams, The memories that will forever be there, Reminding me that all I was in life is an failure,
A cold touchHigh windsWarm waterWet hairHot sand
A voice like jagged knives,Words that pierce my heart,Confusion the work of your hands,Sadness your sole creation.  
I have grown incessantly tired Tired of being nice Tired of being understanding Tired of being forgiving Tired of being tolerant
i’m high-maintenance, baby, i swear it, and this you have to know, and i know that you disagree, because for you this is just how things go. but though i know you don’t care for it, you can’t just ignore all my texts.
sometimes when the night air is still the world holding its breath on the edge of a sunny day and gale I wonder.... what if I had stayed? what if I hadn't slammed the door and run away? 
Anger is an ugly thing Sometimes it’s the only thing Anger is never the answer Especially for the smallest problems It tends to reach us at the roughest times I can no longer bare it
I am a juggler World class and running out of hands Losing balance as the clock applauds Violently behind me.    Time, like sleep is an unattainable luxury Something saved for the far more fortunate
I began on a rainy, cold fall night. I was an ‘accident.’ The shaking hands and rage encompassed shock of my mother. The free money and sedentary existence of my father.
I heard a song on the radio About fucked up kids I heard a speech about kids that were spoiled And kids that didn't understand the real world I heard stories about kids making mistakes
Australian actor Mel Phoned his wife to give her hell. Unknown to Gibson she recorded his rant And we all got to hear his unholy chant.
I’m mental. I’m losing what’s left of my rapidly deteriorating mind. Its hard to understand a basket case. No one really does.
You live on cigarrettes and coffee, with a tad bit of sugar. If I didn't know better, I swear you were a thispo blog.
Here I am again, Crying. I don't even know why.
Waking up day by day, slowly trying to take the stress away Days going time by time,
I used to be so angry It kept me going  It was my fuel Keeping the train that is myself moving
Close your eyes and count to ten relax your mind and soon you will be you again no longer frustrated but a glimpse of hope
Your role in my life is irreplaceable Me without you, is the earth without the sun Depression is an understatement Pain is a quicksand, and I’m drowning in sorrow   My brother’s life was ended premature
Today I thought That I might editfy you On some things that mystify Even the most loving of people   First of all, I'm not your little girl   Second of all,
Deep darkness held onto the fragile heart she carried within her chest- unspent tears in her eyes a mind that would never stop but a brain that had died.  The slow beating of a broken soul
'Twas but an hour, the brighest hour, the simplest, livliest moment.   Out like a flame, Out was my security, out was my thirst for life.   And I hated you
America land of the free
People say rain is the crying of God, but I say different I say the rain is the crying of humanity, The emotions that are stored, but never released,
What’s up Doc?   Silence? Why, that’s awfully rude
I'll explain, and I'll try not to weep as I speak. But please listen, and don't ridicule me. Things occur for a reason just like the transitions in every season. The love I have for Him has sprouted up, and will not wilt.
Heavy expectation, brings on mental exacerbation, searching for demonstrations, to lead this tired wayward nation,   Brought on by many cases, of tasteful vs. tasteless,
I wish to cut away my flesh.I don't hate myself.I just hate this skin,Weak and bloody thin!If only
Female, Is not synonymous, With quiet. I came into this world kicking and screaming, and I don't plan on stopping, anytime soon.   Because female,
Now she’s talking. Why? What right does she have to do this? What right does she have to say these things? What right does she have to make me feel bad about myself? No right.
Sacrilege Sanctimony bastards and heathens burn burn incinerate light them up watch the flames reach ever higher burn burn
I've been pulled out to sea, Dragged underwater, Drowning.  But physically, I am smiling and free.
Bite me. When I say I’m in a bad mood, don’t take it lightly. It’ll be a fight g’ When you step to me. ‘Cus the stain on my heart burns like lightning striking a dried tree.
Music gives me a feeling that I can't discribe It's not just what it does, its the power that each lyric brings upon us. Making me realize that I Am not the only one going through some problem that I can't discribe.
Abuse, lonely, depressed, homeless
I want to rip out the bottle blonde hair from your head. I want to rip out your larynx, so your annoying and nasal laugh cannot be heard. I want to open your head and find your conscious.
Morning mist settles silently upon the pond. A chilling dampness curses this horrid ground. Nothing stirs or voices opinion. Once full of life, now desolate, cold. No frogs singing, dragonflies dancing, ducks diving.
Nothing stated, nothing faded  All this time turned to empty spaces. Nothing figured, nothing thought Incomplete a total loss. Nothing true, nothing bright
What's wrong with the radio? It's playing lies. Everything is, "Sex and money!" Where is the truth?   Why can't it feature better bands, like Story of the Year?
Help me- I'm broken Help me- I'm lost
Ba-bum…Ba-bum The core Of my inspirations Beats As it demands To escape its Cave Yet it loves Me It loves the Hollow Box Wrapped in Silky, smooth
Five letters  Three syllables One meaning Peace That you disrupt when you put an r after the a  Or r instead of n Or e or I instead of a I mean how hard can it be No I am not my twin
We all walk down the halls Some in groups some not at all Traces of nervousness cover the walls There are failures, and the winners come out tall Because life has no second chance usually not at all.
Sometimes I really just want to scream. Please tell me this is a horrible dream! I'm bored out of my mind, Insanity of a subtle kind, English.   It's rather absurd 
Florida isn't New Russia They're not going to start a war. There's no black hole in Sweden and no seamonsters near our shore.   Quit making students prove That time doesn't exist
you say you treat us like adults but, all i hear from your mouth is insults stop repeating the instructions over and over and over i heard you the first time
It's been almost a year And I'm still crazy All of the memories you've left me Haven't become foggy or hazy. I hate you, God, do I hate you And your perfect life Leaving me broken in my garage--
Teachers Suck at teaching Students Suck at learning   Teachers Suck at listening Students Suck at talking   Teachers Suck at caring Students
thanks again for feeding a child grownwith your acid samplesand gold-flakes. good-to-know there's time after allin the day.
*Guitar Strums*Hola, mi Profesor tu enseñas es muy maloI come in every morning with a smile, and a buenos dias,But you rush in with your papeles and your maletín onto the floor,No mas! No more...
Day One. We all smiled at each other, prospective friends, Day Twelve, We hate each other, more than we can bear. The darkness we've found in these halls has begun to transcend,
You’ve looped yourself around me You’ve laced yourself through me You’ve tied your knot inside me You’re tangled up about me You refuse to let me go.
they criticize at me. saying I am lazy and don't deserve to have a second chance. "you should have done the work I assigned" but they're not there for when the fights get too much
Say it to me again, I dare you. At first it was nothing. A black hole- Empty, no meaning. But, you feed it so much. It grows, being filled: filled with anger, tearing souls.
I'm tearing down the tower where you once lived in the castle of my heart. I'm gonna use all the stones, you won't get any part of the walls, ceiling, or floor. The new tower will be better;
Remind me why I try- I try to please With mounting ease, Without ever questioning why;   Remind me why I’m here again, Emitting the same cry So shrill and filled with pain
  You sicken me that time in my past, when you played with me like I was a puppet a show for all of hell
A jumble of confusion, dreams, and people. Thrown into my world as I repeatingly starve for words.   I toss these words bleached with emotion into heavy waters.  
I could blend in. In the background. Up against the wall Slip myself in between the paper and the plaster Beside the tile lining the bottom of the wall next to the cabinet And smile.
person of trust trust no more laugh at my pain then hide my pain now command respect and give little respect in return demand me to work but work I do not pretend serious one minute
The more I look, the more I see, you never wanted me for me. You only wanted what I was not, well congratulations that's what you got. The more I listen, the more I know.
You promised a chance A moment to prove, To leave all out on the court There is nothing to lose. Yet alone here I sit Observing, lightheaded, voice sore, The encouragement failing
Kristin Knox Forest Man
Kristin Knox Forest Man
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