By kaleena mojarro 


As I wipe my tears away with the back of my hand, more just keep falling.  My heart is hurting, as I wish this was all I dream, wishing that I really didn't have to say goodbye. My stomach is twisting and hurting from all the anger that I am holding in. I want to scream at the top of my lungs. I AM BROKEN 


My mascara is running down my cheeks and my lipstick is smeared. My heart is hurting and i just cant breath. My tears are blurring my vision, I just can't see. I can no longer see a future or beyond this barrier. I AM BROKEN 


My head is hurting, i've spent all night crying. I haven't slept in two days, but you don’t know what you are doing nor do you care. You have spent your days drinking and telling lies. You don’t see what happens behind the scenes. Nor do you care what you are doing. Its your way or the highway. What happened to family. I AM BROKEN


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