what if


when the night air is still

the world holding its breath

on the edge of a sunny day and gale

I wonder....

what if I had stayed?

what if I hadn't slammed the door and run away? 

what if I had the courage to say I love you and this is not worth fighting about?

what if you had sighed and said babe I love you too?  

what if I had forgiven you your flaws and you mine? 

what if we were happy together? 

what if I decided to spend the rest of my life with you? 

what if you came after me when I ran? 

what if you chased after our love?  

but you didn't. 

I was too proud and you too vain. 

I was too afraid and you were too mad.

It was all too much for you, wasn't it? 

and that's why I left

turned away and never looked back 

because I was too much for you

and my undying love was never enough,was it?  

but apparently her's was.

so if you ever change your mind

think you want me back

think again 

ask yourself:

what if you were faithful?

what if you weren't a liar?

what if it wasn't my fault?

what if you were not a cheating, deceitful scumbag that was actually worthy of my love?

yeah, maybe then

but probably not 

because the one thing

 I know for certain is 

that whatever hold you think you have over me 

is as hypothetical 

as these questions.










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