Grief As A Understatement


Your role in my life is irreplaceable

Me without you, is the earth without the sun

Depression is an understatement

Pain is a quicksand, and I’m drowning in sorrow


My brother’s life was ended premature

How dare the doctors not know

Anger is an understatement

It destroys me inside that I wasn’t by your side at the hospital


Who will interrogate my boyfriends, that was your job

Who will assist me in mastering choke holds, and accessing video game cheat codes

Hopeless is an understatement

Now there are endless activity’s we will never carry out


I’m trapped, miserable in a nightmare

If only I could wake from this chamber of torture

Fear is an understatement

What if I never see you again


A loss can drive a person insane

Demented is an understatement

Must’ve been one to many sins of mine, to send my role model with no goodbyes

He vacated to heaven and now earth, is my eternal hell


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