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Through dark and through day We persevered  Through the joy and through the pain We stayed As we were We remain the same,
I want not a wolf in sheeps clothing a diamond in the rough a fancy french wedding I want only  SIMPLICITY not a bouquet of the finest roses a single lilac picked from the front yard
I see Your beauty in your smile Your beauty in your eyes Your beauty in your cadence Your beauty in your fragrances.  
Turns out you never loved me After all this time So I guess it's back to being lonely That's okay... I don't mind
I sat here so long Believing I have to love the broken So they could live on For I saw in them (ME) I gave them what I believe Is the remedy to our pain I love so deep & the most wounded
Got your hand stuck in the vending machine because you wont let go When I come at you with a hacksaw you say OH GOD NO It's for your own good Would you like to scream about your hand or the fire? I can clearly see your answer is no And I'm
I want to be the Energizer Bunny; I don't want to stop. I want to be pink, wear sunglasses, And do whatever I want. I want to be the Energizer Bunny So I'd never have to sleep.
Pay attention to the sunlight, the sunlight is the most warm, visible radiation of all. Down, down into the darkness it goes- the hot, the tender, the close.  
I never know what you are.  Because every time I see you, it hurts a little less.  You are everything and nothing Everywhere and no where I never know what you are.  Maybe I’m in denial
  We Fenced off his reign, crystalline yet amorphous. The adolescence of today have brought me something to say.
leave no trace hear the chest rise and fall the laugh echoing underneath the soles of feet camouflaging as pulses and hiding as dust
We exist But we forget about it so often Day after day Night after night Moment after moment And everything is still the same We get up to work We hate our work But it pays the bills
Mom, You are my literal everything,  My entire being exists because of you. You taught me that I don’t need someone else to define who I am. You taught me that
Creation from a stand point exclusivity sought-after man's point rolled-up late night jam joint all into one to create some sort  of fifth-dimensional meaning    Creation
Somehow, she is everything She has this mind and I could spend All of my forevers trying to know Everything that’s on it
Society its always the answer or the well thought out solution. theres no room for any type of change or evolution, When you know the revolution, won’t be televised but you stayed tuned in.
Let me Go  to Nothing I  Want to  Do Everything But it  Is Too Much Everything  Nothing I  Don't  Know  Which  To Choose
Everything?Or nothing? Everything is the way the flower blooms, and the nothing is the way it shrivels and dies.
America. The land of the free and home of the brave? No, you're only really free if your skin isnt past a certain kind of shade, and apparently the brave are the ones who openly and continuously exercise their right of the second amendment.
If I see you and you don't see me I will go DARLING And you will know I am calling to you
I want to mean everything to my everything. I want to be his weakness, As he is mine. And when all he sees is darkness, I want to be the light at the end of the tunnel.
Afraid that there is a greater potential  a box they give us to condition in if they do this long enough  they believe that we'll be trapped trapped in a mindset that they control No hope  No love
It's not fair that I like the songs you showed me,It's not fair that I can't watch reruns of a simple TV show because I remember how much you like it,It's not fair that i have to look at my
To what do we owe The pleasure that surrounds us Every second of our lives Something we would not give a second thought Imagination Without it We would have nothing I would have nothing
Is it the way she stares at you while you comb your hair, Or the way she rushes you out of bed? The way she can make you regret every decision you've made, Even prove to you that you still care.
She's got a fat ass and thick thighs She's not anything, and she got nothing from her mother She's never been straight up and down boys say she's good for her chest She's not like her sisters
I am everything. I am a white slam poet, switched into a klusterfuk because i love everyone. I am everything. I am friends with people of every race, religion, and creed, continuing to love all other human beings.
As humans develop coming from a small origin. I learned that life will be worthless without humor.  Ladies and Gentleman, humor will bring the smell of spring and the scenes of summer to you.
Words like knives. Spoke like rain. Everything he said drove me insane. Lips like cherries.Tongue like viper. Everything I said, shot down, sniper.
 i know nothing of nothing, save it's not what we claim it to be. by labeling the non-existant, we cancel out it's lack of being. - 04/05/1995 2:00am - kenneth p rougeau jr
I am everything yet nothing. I wonder about my future. I hear what haunts me. I see only what I want to see. I want more memories than regrets. I am everything yet nothing.  
I have everything. I own nothing. In the reality of the world, this is my only truth, this is the only thing I know  to be true. Everything is available to me. There are no limits.
I'm everything and nothingand yet still something.I'm rude and polite.Mean and nice.Fire and ice.
Everything's awesome, Everything's cool from pencils, to blankets, to Prince George's drool movies, and books, and your grandmother's pool Also what's awesome are scholarships  
Can You See?   Have you ever wondered how a cave would react if light would stream in unashamed?   Could you imagine the things you could see
Everything is awesome.  Everything is awesome when you see it as awesome.   
Everything was great on that sunny day,  my sister calling at work? What did she need to say? Her voice was muffled and I couldn't hear, 
What do you see as awesome, they could ask To many, this quest may be difficult For me, it is a very easy task
I love photography ,oh yes I do these Cameras have eyes, oh yes they do 
I love photography ,oh yes I do these Cameras have eyes, oh yes they do 
Art Transformative uncertainty
I ask myself Why all these things in life, matter.
Do you know the love I could have gave, Is only the love I really crave
Paint me like I amforget the stereotypes forgetjudgmentspaint me how I am on the insidecheerful, loving and caringpaint me smilingpaint me dancingpaint me into the horizon
Life has it's ups and downs I know it may be hard Just remeber that there's someone who cares It can be Someone you may know Or Someone you don't know
To be more serious than others
Away from the commotion,  away from the dirty, suffocations of the city. 
Away from the commotion,  away from the dirty, suffocations of the city. 
Ferguson It happens every day and no one notices It’s not the first time shots were fired At an innocent black man in the streets This time Ferguson next time Washington  
Freedom of America, Beauty of outdoors, Reliable friends, Late night snores,   Freedom of speech, Freedom of press, Wonderful family, Friends worth the stress.  
Creativity has basic steps: Show us something new. Show us something we've never seen before. Show us a display that has never before been seen. Creativity is seen, yes. Everywhere you look. Books,
*/ /*-->*/ Don't cry my dear, I am sure that a rock on the surface of neptune has never felt such joy as you
who would make me do something like that? who would make me feel that way?
There... Here... Gone...
When life has lost meaning and everything seems slow and nothing's moving forwards yet so does the show the grass blows lagging to the past when it all just looks the same
What is it that I am But a cloth hung up to dry In the spring breeze Quickly, hopefully, before it rains. And when it rains, I am forgotten, Drenched again from head to toe,
ROSES are dead. VIOLETS are dead. EVERYTHING is dead. DEAD dead dead.
I Could talk for hours on end. Sometimes about the little thing and maybe even random things.
And so the hairy fat ape raped the  puppet slut-whore hybrid til it fell limp down the stairs of its sullen gaze amidst the crowing shit-bird winding a tourniquet casually about it's wing, facing the corner,
They said things behind her back, They said them a lot. She started to believe them. She was upset until he came. She questioned him. "Why don't I have perfect skin?" "A perfect smile?"
In my eyes..  
I am everything and everything is me I am what you make me but also who I decide to be I am life and life is me A small part of this world who dreams big But within me lies the universe
Someone told me I should start my poems by saying what they're about That way I don't confuse people I think that's a great idea, so I'm going to try it out now  
Have you ever been So angry  That you broke a wall Broke a heart   Have you ever been So depressed  That you only feel The blade against you skin   Have you ever been 
Words are all they will ever be, but trust I'll love you way more than that. You make me a better person, cliche yes, but it gets better. You make it all seem effortless.
A change can alter the world From the change of wind for Columbus Or a single intake of wind in a different direction If a slight step is retaken in a new way The world will shift  
At first it was all a peice of cake, then i realized i was insane. Most of the time i just want to give up. When did life get so tough? I started to belive I couldn't do it,
Finding the good in everything, has always been my talent. 
We give meaning to every word in the english language. Love is connotated to a cliched valentine's gift,
I want to dance and cry and scream, In memory of all the things we think are better forgotten. "Forgive and forget", they say. Forgive, by all means forgive, But, please don't forget?
Everything that you heard Everything that you've seen My heart My soul My everything Vanished my misery And when i felt like giving up All yoi did was encourage me And i left it all up to you
I am from stalks of rice plants wallowing in the rural plains From long distance roads leading the little me home for dinner and killer summer waves pestering me every day!
Tell me about how the end of the world Tell me about how much we have been fighting for. Should I hold on to the ideas of how I wanted to save this world by myself?
Waiting for a gentle push In a direction I do not know Surrounding everything But nothing 
  l Laying amongst these sharp blades
She's stronger than a willow In a thunder storm Soft as a heart of gold
Is it wro
I was once that vain and bitter child The one who wept because nothing went right.
  School makes me lonely It’s not like Being here has made me friends In my dreams I can see Smiling faces of friends and family But when I am awake I see People that care for themselves
What would I change? Everything.
Time is short I took the pills And now it's time for you to know what I do when I'm down, or my tank is running low         I write. I write every snowy day And every summer night.
It's hard to explain feelings To someone who hasnt experienced them. It's hard to explain what silence sounds like Without having first heard a sound. All of these feelings we try to disguise,
I want to wake up Not having to remind myself of the past I want to fall asleep quickly Without battling with the devils poking at my mind I want to see my mother smile
A belonging to every person, young or old does not matter where they are from 
I once read a poem. It was about nothing. Then I started to think hard. What is ‘nothing’? Not sure how many people have thought that.
Gun shots ringAs flesh wounds sting
Cut out your fear and aggravation
If these tan faces    Whose lips mutter pure humor and smiles brighten my Life Whose hearts love me even when I'm unworthy could stay with me as long as my teeth
I wrote on your heart, wrote on your songs, wrote out my misery all along. Too blind to see, were meant to be, or am i mistaken for imaginary catastrophed destiny? I thought you were different,
    If everything wasn’t what I wanted it to be, why is it you’re still here with me. I’ve fallen past the recruit of time, but you’ve picked me up for another line.  
Feet on ground Head in the sky Making plans for the future When I am barely getting by Just happy to be smiling So lucky to be alive Whether money grows on trees Or I am begging on my knees
Society has this picture, a picture thats perfect. Some are blessed with it, even though they dont deserve it. Sometimes I wonder how did I miss the drawing, its probably because im too busy in the background ooo-ing & aww-ing.
In retrospect, kissing her was not the smartest thing I could have done. it was probably, (and I mean Probably in its severest form) was the worst thing I could have done all summer,
I write for the soul,Mine is out of control.It helps to soothe my mind,And it passes the time.
   This love, that's breaking me down. The names i've been called, the hurtful things you say.      This love, the one haunting me. Why can't i just let you go? Erase you from my memory.
Perhaps I will purchase new glassesAnd frame my darkened lamps anewAnd auspiciously. Here I might beseech,Behold, and betoken another looking-glass self;Here enkindle and focus new knowledge
"Just come to me my dear, and you will have no fear." She walks alone through school; no one seems to think she's cool. There's something about her that makes my dead heart stir.
Love doesn't come with directions, it's never quite the same Sometimes it leaves you broken up, or changes your last name One look, one touch, one smile could really change it all 
I miss the stones That used to tap on my window To wake me up And sneak out with my people I would softly laugh As I climbed down the wall To greet you with open arms But now you are gone
You never took the time to see how i felt,  You simply did instead of do. I was hurt , Heartbroken and unheard  and now im all alone. Helpless, Defenseless and Aching .  
  Like the sound of silence calling, I hear your voice aloud and suddenly, I feel I'm falling, lost in a dream.   You were everything to me, The air that I breathe,
Poetry is Calm before the storm, Rain down a window pane. Sunshine on newly fallen snow, Wind between the leaves of trees. Poetry is Our best kept secrets, Our worst experiences.
I can breathe out all of it and nobody has to know, or everybody can know burdens, dreams my shifting and tampering and judging spread out, carbon on paper, font serif or sans-serif writing makes me hopeful
Every thought. Every dream, every hope, every fear unheard- silently hidden within one's self. A soft, slow grumble tumbling up and courageously out- voiced through lead and chalk, ink and paper. No longer a thought.
I bleed words into emply spaces.  They crawl onto pieces of paper.  They flow in conversation.  They reside on my digital screen.   I bleed words to set me free.  They carry me when no is around.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder/ Or at least that's what I told her/ When I hold her, I wanna mold her not scold her/ Give her cold chills, never the cold shoulder/
Her eyes are blue and peaceful like the ocean Her smile is rare but shows up every once in a while Her heart is full of love and care for others and not herself And her happiness is always seen with a smile
You were once and still are my everything The way you used to hold my hand when the world was caving in, Reminding me that everything would soon be alright.
There is a reason for everything I do And that reason? If only you knew Every step Every word Has purpose! To be heard.
Life, the gift of living, only gives one chance to get it right. "if" of the unexpected; "i" makes it mine; "L" symbolizes love, along with the lies;
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