This Poem Is About Everything


Someone told me I should start my poems by saying what they're about
That way I don't confuse people
I think that's a great idea, so I'm going to try it out now
This poem is about how easy it is to feel lonely in a crowed room,
And how being alone isn't nearly as bad as it's made out to be
This poem is about that one time I convinced the whole school for a day I'd gone goth
Because this poem is about how you don't really know who your friends are until one day you show up with black hair and they show up the next day with red
This poem is about raising my hand so much in class that the teacher looks around the room for someone else to answer the question
And calls a wallflower shrinking from his gaze
This poem is about how blind people can be to the big picture, and how paranoid they are about the small things that affect them
This poem is about standardized testing, because even if it's not the best system, you have to admit that Sensei using operant conditioning to train the dolphins of the Grand Canyon to say 'woof' is pretty freaking hilarious 
This poem is about wanting the right questions asked about my poetry. I mean, really, I don't even use ink, I typed this!
This poem is about the World Wildlife Fund, because they help protect adorable animals and if you donate they send you a plush version
I'm in the market for an Emerald Hummingbird, if you need some Christmas ideas.
This poem is about how I really shouldn't write past ten because everything I end up saying sounds cra- cra in the morning. It's approaching eleven now.
This poem is about irony, and the utterly irritating fact that no one even knows what it means anymore.
This poem is about forty two, and about okay, and about the Mockingjay mocking You-Know-Who while the Maze falls apart and George R. R. Martin kills everything.
This poem is about the insanity of binders with the rings on the spine. Oh, yes, Mr. Designer, that won't cause any problems at all.
This poem is about the way ice cream feels drips down your chin in July. Sticky and sugary, but so cool you dare not wipe it away
And this poem is about the feeling of hot chocolate running down your throat in December. It stings like fire until it reaches your stomach then the warmth spreads, like you've been wrapped in a woolly blanket from the inside.
This poem is about how uncomfortable it is to sit on a chair with one leg shorter that the other three
This poem is about how much I wish I had wings to see the world from a true birds eye view
This poem is about how long I tried to deny that I am a hopeless nerd
This poem is about how I believe that science can be beautiful if you know what to look for
After all this time, and for always
And about how it probably isn't good to yell everything I type
This poem is about how the biggest star we know of is so huge that if you put it on a computer screen next to a to scale version of Earth, you'd have to squint very hard to see the Earth pixel
This poem is about what's really in black holes, no, it probably isn't the fifth dimension
This poem is also a treatise on why Hollywood needs to fire their consulting scientists
And this poem is about how every time I use the word consulting I think of Sherlock Holmes and Jim Moriarty
The consulting detective and consulting criminal
Don't even get me started, we'll still be here this time next year
This poem is about how when I said nerd earlier, I meant fangirl 
But I like science too, so nerd still applies
This poem is about how hard it is to find a label that fits
They all seem too big or too small to cover my personality 
This poem is about how you never forget how the elementary school teachers made you feel
Be it top-of-the-world or not-worth-my-time
This poem is about how the bad teachers weren't worth our time, either
And about how the good ones encouraged us until we became genuinely good at what they praised us for
This poem is about lasting through rough times because this too shall pass
This poem is about how my blood still boils when I think about things already passed
And how badly I want a timeturner for Christmas 
Because my mistakes are piled higher than Mount Everest
This poem is about the walls we all build inside, and how different things would be without them
Maybe better, maybe worse, but surely different 
This poem is about which end of the candy cane you start eating from, 
A debate as long as how many licks in a tootsie pop
This poem is about how hard it is to hear the birds now
And about how many have gone silent because they could not make themselves heard
This poem is about how I want to be a writer but the only thing I seem to be able to write is poetry
This poem is about the little things, and the big things, the literal things and the metaphors, and in short, about everything. 
So, where is this marvelous, magical set of words that sums up life in its entirety? Well, friends, I seem to have misplaced it. But I do hope you liked the description. 
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