America the not so great

America. The land of the free and home of the brave? No, you're only really free if your skin isnt past a certain kind of shade, and apparently the brave are the ones who openly and continuously exercise their right of the second amendment. The land of the people who's main goal in life it so pursue capital gain.  I look around, and there's violence everywhere. Turn on the news and see a friend of mine got shot, down the street from where I live. What made it worse is that they killed the wrong guy. America, the one country that is suppose to set the example of what democracy is suppose to look like, but we can't even brag about that anymore when a bunch of uneducated while males are the one's who decided was going to be our next president. I thought, people were suppose to respect the head of state, but I go online and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't see someone photo shopping his face to a cheeto. Even though I don't see eye to eye with his views, the man is calling the shots. We are suppose to want the man to suceed. It's 2017 and still have to deal with racism, people can't see the Jim Crow laws are still well in place. But ask someone walking down the street what new Starbucks drink came out and everyone will be able to tell you. We have our priorities and moral values very messed up. Even if you try to better youself through education, it seem's that only the privileged get the luxury to go to college. Like the average person has 200k dollars laying around. That's why we don't move foward as a society, if education is the key then why keep changing the lock. I know I mentioned a lot of things and you might feel confused. But this is how I feel every single day, overwhele with that fact that things are't getting better. But I do have some hope, hope that when I leave this place it'll be a better world for my children. 

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