Everything but Nothing

I never know what you are. 

Because every time I see you, it hurts a little less. 

You are everything and nothing

Everywhere and no where

I never know what you are. 

Maybe I’m in denial

That I truly wish I could hold you. 

That every time you crack, ache, shudder, every time a tear so delicately rolls from the depths of your heart and mind, I wish I could pull the pain from you. 

But I can’t. 

Because you are what gives me life, yet also what so easily draws the last agonizing breath from my lungs in the early hours of the morn. 

I do not know what you are. 

You are the silence within the sound

Yet the sound among the silence. 

Blissfully entertaining my ears with words 

And simply hearing your name both fills me with passion yet rips away my drive. 

You are a miracle yet a sweet deceit. 

What dreams are made of, though dreams can also be the darkest nightmares. 

And I say that I’m okay. 

But if you could turn me inside out, and peek like a child within a candy store, you’d see every scar and gaping wound ever inflicted upon my soul. 

It’s broken. 

It was you who taught me how to feel once again. 

But the numbness was what kept it from hurting. 

I do not know what you are. 

You fill me with an abundance of love, yet are so capable of ripping it all away. 

But I love you. 

Because while you are my everything. 

You are also nothing to me. 

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Our world


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