Cut out your fear and aggravation

Dismantle your frustration

Furnish love with others of no relation.

What is opinion without bias?

Critique without favoritism?

Government without religion?

The Holy Bible is just a book.

Was lady liberty a virgin?

Or are we all raped with misleading revelations and allegations that we are free?

What is freedom?

Is it a state of mind or a 6 by 8 cell with no TV?

What is vision?

What is poverty?

Whats one man’s poor is another’s sovereignty.

Weak minded impregnated by society.

One’s day is another’s night

What you consider pain could be another’s delight.

We all try to stay in tune but most end up entombed.

What is life?

One day you awake and begin to await your inevitable death,

Calculated not by experience but only by breath.

Striving for excellence the competition brings out the best in us.

What side of the spectrum are you on?

Whose bandwagon in which you called shotgun?

What is homosexual?

Aren’t we all just prevalent intellectuals?

Ever changing individuals?

I’d like to think so.

A world less judgemental would be substantially more mental.

But I’m just seventeen with a dream.

A number trying to change the world seam by defunct seam.

For whose time will tell me to stop?

See my goal is not to fix but merely to prompt;

Prompt these peerless excellent, distinguished eminent preemies…


Fears disregarded,

Aggravation and frustration discarded.

Furnish love with others,

That’s all.


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