If everything wasn’t what I wanted it to be, why is it you’re still here with me.

I’ve fallen past the recruit of time, but you’ve picked me up for another line.


Wait, just stop. Is this a game I was never told about?

Why am I here, who brought me here.

Who let this story unfold?

Who said it was okay to be left untold.


The constant collision, the constant confusion!

I thought I was done

But yet again,

you’ve put me back together as one.


I’m out of synch,

The reality surrounding me is no longer my friend.

A foe it’s become

With no seeming end.



You hear a crash? I hear a whimper.

You feel a shock? I have no kicker.


I’m telling you these feelings. A feeling! I feel!

I’ve got no more feelings swimming in veil.


Let’s regroup, refocus...

Take a step back,

And revisit my past.


Forgive the past in which I have condoned truth,

Not the truth of all truths, but the opposite indeed.

My head was a meddled muck,

From deception that lurked in the trees.


Wait, a revelation?

From which did that come!

Everything’s becoming clearer,

Let’s keep on with that run…


There is no light without dark?

And no sky without seed?

You see, everything is exactly as it must be...


Because with no high or no low

There would be no in between.


Were there no bad or no good

We would float with no hope.

No desire, no stroke, to string a sail on a boat.


You’ve brought me back,

And I get it now.

You’re beyond divinity.

You’re my hero, my flame,

My soulmate who flies free.



My exhaustion is petty, my darling, I can finally see.

Everything is meant as exactly as it should be.







This is a beautiful poem! I enjoyed reading it because it is true. When we think about our lives this way, we appreciate the good things in it more and grow stronger from whatever happens to us. Amazing! Keep writing! :) 

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