Alarm Clock

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 16:08 -- Lynda96


United States
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 WAKE UP! Wake up and run from the struggles and the pain The overbearing noise that frightens you but never stops Hit snooze and only relax for another 8 minutes before it stars again The alarm clock that has a job to do Remind you of how bad your life is going but making sure you get up and take more More pain and suffering that you put in your backpack and take to school everyday STOP please stop ringing I tried to unplug you but forgot you run on batteries I take out your batteries but it's to late I can't forget your ringing You put in my mind an internal alarm clock I start to hear the ring all the time It's not good enough It's never good enough Ring ring ring Everything I do now I hear the ring I chose to ignore but how much more can I take Before I crack Go back to sleep The ring is over. Today You can do it You can always do it Put the alarm clock to the side and do better tomorrow You may think its funny I am not laughing with you The only thing I can do is wake up early And not give the alarms clock a reason to ring


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