I Could talk for hours on end.

Sometimes about the little thing and maybe even random things.

But if asked why why I do I love you so much I draw a blank

it's not that I don't know what to say

it's that I have to much to say.

It's like my heart starting going again the minute I saw you

as if to say your the one.

I've  been cold for so long it felt foreign to be warm.

To have this feeling run all through my body

and to have it I intensify the minute I looked into your eyes.

It's crazy to think that I have fallen so deep for a girl

who I thought was outta my league.

When you ask why why do I love you so much

don't take my silence as a bad thing

but it's cause I never know where to start.

You are a star in the night the one that shines so bright. 

As smooth as silk but as rich as chocolate.

More beautiful than a gem and if I had one wish

it will be to stay with you just like this.

Your a thief in the night, with a smile that shines bright.

Let my love descend  on you.

For you are my queen and I your knight

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