We Are Here

Don't cry my dear,

I am sure that a rock on the surface of neptune has never felt such joy as you

Opening your eyes and feeling happiness for the first time.

It may be raining,

But you were born under the sun and you witness it's glory in your eyes.

You feel it kiss your skin with warmth as the winter begins to end.

You may be bleeding,

But that hot, red, liquid has allowed you body to move freely.

The drifting tumbleweed only wishes it could have walked home.

You may feel crushed,

But life's disappointments are only so because you have witnessed success.

By some miracle we are here.

Tucked away in one small bed, in a small room, in a small town

On a little planet in a giant galaxy

In an immense universe.

Don't cry my dear

Because you are here and I am here and we both


This poem is about: 
Our world


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