Change Everythig

A change can alter the world

From the change of wind for Columbus

Or a single intake of wind in a different direction

If a slight step is retaken in a new way

The world will shift


But I want to change it all

Everything, I want it all different for every part of me




I understand what I am

I know who I am, but they don’t


And I want to change the break in understanding, I want to change it all

Break down every inch of what’s been built up

Restart, rebuild, renew, recreate

Women, men, gay, straight, there is no difference

There is a heart inside us all

All beating to different drums

To play the same song


And I would change others’ tunes

I would change it all

I would change the perception

The filter that has folded over their eyes

I understand, though I am young.

I am equal, though I am woman.

I have love, and it is the same.

The tints I see come through their eyes too


And if I had a choice of change

So that I may change it all

The world would be tilted

To see everyone on equal playing fields –

No one greater, no one lesser


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