Societal Synopsis

Society its always the answer or the well thought out solution.

theres no room for any type of change or evolution,

When you know the revolution, won’t be televised but you stayed tuned in.

Its Where your children are turned into robots or institutionalized by the institution.

When women are shamed for everything and have no choice but to turn to prostitution;

From people jumping to conclusions,

But then theres pollution.

Not only of the environment but of the mind.

Its up to you to change it but do we have the time,

Did we ourselves do the crime,

Were we caught in a bind?

“Idk so i guess I'll just resign “!

Thats the latest in law enforcement

Said with power behind him and endorsement,

He was upset because of the divorcement

Oh Of course men.

But then where does the law send?

The people who have committed the so-called crime,

The people who resisted the signs,

The people who could’ve been fined,

But there was a misguide...

where you were struck and killed!

By someone who should've been skilled,

But he was filled

With assumptions for the boy with the sweater pilled

Oh, aren't the people thrilled

Theres another person off the streets

Just like the homeless we don't greet

Just like the hungry we don't treat

They're incomplete

They beg for change and i repeat

They beg for change and i repeat

they beg for a change but then defeat

Feeling cold feet

That tap along to an absent beat

But people laugh and scurry because of what their depression secretes

Just because they're not neat?

Y'all not discrete

Oh, please look at this world and watch how it gets beat

To pieces

And what it releases

Shes torn to pieces

But wait don't forget him too

Remember animals aren't only found at the zoo

Mom screaming look at you

My baby!

Beat up like she went through slavery

Lord save me

Crying because of what was done

They go to court, but you know who won

The crowds not stunned

I mean maybe there were some

They ask honey was there a gun

Hold on to ya seats bc I'm not done

Ive just begun

They told her the best is yet to come

But he did she screams

And he screwed up me and my dreams

But all they could tell her is she should be careful because everything isn't what it seems

Theres a glare

Ever wondered what that person is thinking about in the blank stare

Is anybody there

Is anybody home

Are you out on a roam

Let me know

Before i sit back down on my throne

hear me sound; No hear me roar

Success central, pride galore

Take that chance look theres an open door

Theres no running score

Forget rich or poor

You don't know whats in store

Live today better than the last four

Forget the gore

Life is gonna be what you make it

It will go where you take it

You'll fail if you fake it

But sometimes you gotta fake it to make it

So, take it

Be wrong and strong

Even if the day is feeling long

And it keeps on dragging out

You don't sit there with a pity pout

Don't you cry

Just stop and look up to the sky

And think to yourself how high

Can my success grow

Because conformity is a sin and uniqueness will make you glow

Society is controversial and not meant to be taken seriously

It leaves she as them and them as we

Its completely incomplete

Its incomprehensible what goes on

And how it does

So i try to stay high you know like above

Soon as you understand society let me know

So, we can get together restart the cycle while we get rich off that comedy show

Are you ready are you set let’s move forward

See i bet you were expecting for a rhyme but I refuse to conform

You've probably noticed this poem has an unclear uniform

At times it probably had you torn

But don't you worry yourself sober

And don’t you fret

Bc this poem is over

But no, I’m not done yet...


This poem is about: 
Our world


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