Changing Perspective


 Change? Change is impossible


                                                 What we’ve always said,


                                                 It’s always been completely false,


                                                 There is no hope in the world.


                                                 It is completely untrue that


                                                 Humans can change.


                                                 We are too set in our ways,


                                                 We are not going to say


We can make it better.


Wars will cease, we will live in peace


That’s what change can bring.


Women beaten for wanting to read.


Children starving in desolate streets,


A father struggling to provide for his family,


The boy being killed for different beliefs,


A young woman tortured and brought to her knees,


I wouldn’t wake up to see


The world I wish I lived in where


If I just shut my eyes and imagine


All these problems can vanish;


How we could change this world!


But I recognize the many ways


We can never come hand in hand.


That what they say is right;


I know that it’s false


                                                Change could never come,


                                                Until we turn it all around




(Now change your view, read from bottom to top)



Wow, I really like this! Great job! This is powerful.

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