I sat here so long
Believing I have to love the broken
So they could live on
For I saw in them (ME)
I gave them what I believe
Is the remedy to our pain
I love so deep & the most wounded
For I have to
Cause it is (Me)
Who has been thrown so deep & wounded
I prided myself
That I was doing what others failed to do

My pride has unleashed &
spread the Gates of Heaven & Hell
So far, so wide
So deep, so high
I encompass it all & drown in nothing
But a bottomless pit
A black hole I found within myself
All I have to do is shoot meth & their I go to the depths of hell
To face death
To the valley below & it’s there I meet
I hear the call of the fallen
Of those like me

I seek to bring them back to life
I’m screaming, fighting, dying to get close enough to feel you
& the closer I get
The more I remember where & how it all began

I remember what has caused these hells to bend
& why the screams are so loud

If nothing else
I will surely lend you my everything
In attempts to give you more than something
The nothing we been left to feel within
& now I’ve gotten to the core of it all

All of my wounds &
Found out here
Nothing else really matters anymore

All that matters is my dreams are captured &
Not left to be a disaster
But what if
In order to reach your dreams
the disaster is what we truly are after
It has to happen
The faster it comes the quicker it grips my inner being
Takes me closer to the center of my everything
I hear the voices scream!!

We are all the same
We are all the same

I’m holding on to my dreams
Which I believe is everything
& it becomes plain to see
My dreams brings me to see
I’m losing everything

So I don’t know which way to go
Or what it all means
I just know I’ve traveled so far
I can’t turn back now

I made to walk through the black
The birth of death
My beginning & ending
To face my everything
In order to live
I have to walk through the pain
To see

It’s all INSANE
At the same time

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