You are my literal everything, 

My entire being exists because of you.

You taught me that

I don’t need someone else to define who I am.

You taught me that

Even when I’m nothing, I’m something to you.

You taught me that

Popularity is just a silly little game.

You taught me that

I need to be strong in my beliefs.

You taught me that

I don’t belong to anyone.

Your presence gives hope,

It makes tulips bloom in February,

It makes the stars shine through the clouds,

It makes all the fighting stop,

It makes the world believe again.

When I  didn’t want to continue,

You guilted me into it.

Don’t tell anyone this,

But you saved my life.

If you weren't here I wouldn’t know how to live.

I owe this all to you.

 Sincerely, Abigail



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My family
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