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Uncertain is the ground I walk. Thin as a sheet of glass, Or hard as a solid rock, But neither my eyes can pass.   Wreckless is the game I play. Stamping and stomping,
The first time Olia broke up with me, I felt as if my life was over. I thought love had ended for her and me, but good fortune was on my side. After about two years had passed, she tried to rekindle our love.
Leaving a hall of discord and Still grieving for all my mistakes Then returning I'm seething at what I have found And the counsel of higher life Still leaves me burning
My heart speaks a language  no one understands. It's dying to speak. But it's already dead.
Mistakes, regrets and feeling pain,Fun, happiness and being fain..We do succeed and we do fail.These all are useful living gain.
Oh no, no, I can't find my pen, I really lost it, I cried like a baby; I can't believe I lost my best friend It sees me naked, perfectly imperfect and still loves me
Darling, it’s so nice to run into you here again. Fate has brought us back to this cosy place. I’ve been longing to see your exquisite face, And I’m overjoyed to hear you say, “Hi, Marlon.”
I shouldn't have I should have ignored you As if I wasn't able to see you I made a mistake Now I understand that I should have never set my eyes on you
I am well aware that I am no stranger to mistakes. In truth, no one is, but this is how we learn and to be afraid of mistakes is to be afraid of the possibility for growth.  
To make it to heaven's Gate Don't underestimate my faith Or what God does Humble all the way Like God does Cause it's faith in him I'm taken care of today Hear the words I pray
I too, have played the fool just like the lyrics of the popular song... Yes, fool also known as trickster- that common character subject of myth and legend
If I could change times arrows course, I’d hastily retreat it many a face To sail beyond your hearts remorse In search of the pain each morn embraced.
No one told me, That surviving, Was like seeing blind, With no clear direction, Mistakes on every turn, Stumbling after something, And almost always lost. I was never taught,
strange and foolish quirks trivial human foibles speed bumps in my life   . © 2018 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved . *** Poetry notes:7/28/2018. Poetry form: Senryu
It was late one night. Driving around, not a care, I felt so light. Oh my! I was high as kite! While I thought I couldn't be bothered, my friend let out a holler. "COPPER!" Oh my! What a fright!
Since being grown up, I read more now. Not just for fun but,  to learn lore and how this world is run.   This all began in 2015. When Trump ran,  and I was eighteen,
Don't be alarmed  Your hearts in the right place. Don't be scared of making a mistake.
      It all happened so fast. The rise and fall. The thrill of it all. Life seemed to know we needed to awaken into the reality around us,
I fear that the choices I’ve made are wrong Thus I should relax and just sing a song. I fear the rawness of the real world But I mustn’t be so torn.
Eternal burdens, you call them That which I carry on my back. For many years, they stay with me Without purpose to stay on track. Instead I revere those mentors Who have forced me to start again,
A game, it started with, To meet your lover in it was a myth. The meeting was probably a coincidence, Now it actually makes sense. I met half of my identity, One I've been searching for since infinity.
The Weekend hits. Responsibilities are forgotten and people give less shits. Friday to the break of sun on the last day, we know nothing but how to play. But sometimes we play too hard 
Scars Naeha Inapanuri   The scars that trail up my arm Forged in the fires of my stupidity No longer burn No longer hurt Merely a memory from the past
Subtract from these 20 years,Those that I swallowed without tasting-Anesthetize the clocks,Sprinkle Father Time with amnesia,Whisper the year 2011,I am 13 again-
A break up is something couples dread the most. It is something couples avoid or else they'll feel lost. Our significant other is the one that makes us whole.
It was childish... It was so immature... I knew it but I didn't really believe when you said you would cut me off forever...
These demon beings are clawing at my feelings.My expressions are their impressions.Their addictions are formed in story fictions.Burn them all down and make sure I drown. Heed my warnings or else you'll be mourning. 
Dear Dad,
Ask not what I’ve done for through love I go Unperturbed by discord. But voices rise, And nuptial accords turned insultful cries, For some reason, truly I do not know?
Slipped down your throat until you lose the feeling in your toes and the tingle can be felt at the back of your head The last Valentines Day was the worst until you met him and now the worst comes this year
To Those Who Wonder Why I No Longer Trust:
To the boy who swept me off my feet in less than a day,  I just want to say, It's so hard to put my feelings at bay When I have to see you everyday From now 'til May. So tell me your secret way,
                                                                        Break… The delicate, fragile glass that was our trust.
Dear Mr. “Nice” Guy, You buttered me up with precious words, so magical to my ears. You filled me with new hope, an escape from my painful past.
There are no atheists in Foxholes We knew that; we were summoning the fire gods Rituals consisting of your fingers deftly tracing my thighs And I breathing prayers into your neck
Nothing more what elese to say?  Have our days been counted? What to do but pray? I live a life of oppresion  And being brown is my obsession But how has my color helped me? 
Everyone makes mistakes.. and everyone forgives, but why'd you forgive me... I remember the way you talked about him... You were actually happy when you got to talk, but then I came into the picture...
Something deep in my stomach wants to throw up raw blades but my thighs are already covered in blood. So people can see I’m alive, I plant a peach tree underneath bullets in my skin. She didn’t deserve my touch.
Is the head of the spear to blame for the stab?  is the shaft of the arrow not hollow; but full of dread?  Is the sword of a warrior not as blood thirsty as it's master?  is the stone the fault of the sling or the caster?  a battle axe, though anc
Everyone is the labourer of their own dominion With each deed carried upon the towers kept till the End. They will soon be discarded for another one till they are rustled in between.
I am aware that  I've fallen  Into some bad habits lately  But I am unaware that  Human is a disease  This is just different Let me make mistakes
One year gone, another one ahead. I look back in shock amidst life's dreary dreg.  It's true, I've survived, but have I really thrived?  Ups and downs fill my mind, still through it all I tried,
September 19. A friendship began. October 31. An unbreakable clan. December 25. Gift exchanges and cheers February 14. A new atmosphere. March 18. Eyes on the prize. April 20. Not so wise.
Remember the way... Soft lips, Cherry balm,
Today with a smile in my face, I look at my parents. They smile at me without judgements. Who have I become They'll never know. I feel scared, but just having them makes me feel warm.
~Every Moment~ Sometimes we set ourselves back, Everything we once had, disappeared as we shifted off track,Everyday we struggle to find our way back.The pain is buried so deep,That a smile on our face is hard to keep,Yet another battle on our own
Am I perfect? No. But I try. Trying isn't good enough. She never aims high enough... She shoots, She falls They laugh... Humans. Not perfect. Supposed to be. But not.
She was born a mistake and mistakes she will make,  Mistakes are lessons you should take. She will grow to have two brothers, And those brothers will bug her. Mistakes she made but her brothers love her as is...
Raise your hand if you’ve ever fucked up I mean, really fucked up Like, instead of falling off the cliff you dove And instead of hitting rock bottom you crashed into Hell.
As words crawl up and out of my throat My fingers desperate to find the right note Heart as heavy as lead but fragile as glass Watching the ceiling fan, waiting for it to pass The nausea the fatigue
It is midnight again and I don’t know how to last another minute. I crush my head between my hands and try to squeeze them out, Should I call them nightmares? Should I call them dreams?
Cold world Icy hatred Cut bonds Bitter dawns Lies and mistakes And amidst it all Your chest aches With the heavy Very heavy weight It goes on  And on The battle
Imitation stars.Bright lights for a shadow heart.Wonder where the imitation starts And he begins.
Behind every smile, You know that there is some sadness. The sadness that we mask With forced laughter, With excuses for the tearing eyes. It is simply much more simple to smile,
For all the poor choices I made— The wrong words I said or The mean actions I performed— I would not take back any of them   Mistakes are a double-edged sword
Tyler Roolf   Shenango High School   Class: 2017         My Inner Demons  
"Your smile was      fading                               Changing                              Rearranging  Its not the same As it used to be Cause you don't feel free I can hear your screams
I am tired I’ve finished a thirteen hour shift at the hospital   It’s dark out I can’t clearly see. I climb into my black Jeep Wrangler
we'd go out in the city after one of your shows makeout in the parking lot of some drug store   you'll write a song about it  and my eyes and your drugs and how it makes you feel alive
Don't you hate those desperate timesWhen the rain won't quit and the sun won't shineThe hard work you do, it's always criticizedNot much like the impoverished war crime And the road alone, it sure looks tempting
Pretty face, heart not yet stone; run the world but feel alone. Heartless friends are what I know; if they care it doesn’t show. Always giving all my heart, always loyal from the start. Change my looks change my ways anything to make them stay.
The order of the day. Trying hard to change, While I can still play. Hoping I’m still in range, So as not to miss the way.   There’s so much I can do, So won’t settle for average.
If I COULD change things I WOULD   If I was GIVEN the chance to go back in time I'll be first in line 
I want to say thank you. Thank you to the ones that have treated me poorly. That have taken my past and pointed it at my throat like a sharpened knife. We all make mistakes...
You're a drunken mistake a night of regret  I can't shake for God's sake    I hurt someone I love  just for the intake of your breath and the connection of our bodies  
You're okay Don't be scared They don't hate you Don't say that It was a mistake Don't hide your face Yes, they're going to talk Don't cry I know it's hard, but you have me
The most terrible thing has occurred! And there was something that I had slurred,
You're no ordinary girl, you are an extrodinary boy. You're special because you're different. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. They are each common errors.
With every mistake I make I feel like
This will not be another poem about how my heart is so broken, how lost I feel, the pathetic string of hope I'm secretly holding on to, or how I've been numbing myself just so I won't have to feel the emptiness.
I was an accident. Definition: Simple as that. The day I came knocking on my mother's womb door, everything changed from party college life to adulthood.   I was rasised by hard workers.
I Swear
The taste of her gum, Reminds her of him. The same taste on his tongue,
beautiful proud black sister can I lie to you like I so often do tell you it was your point of views that led my eye to you or your genes that fed my believes that  I’m the perfect prime mate for you
I cannot do this
Why did I ever do that?
See how a man contemplates,
Little Things
I’ve seen society fall apart.
I can't say I'm flawless Because I have flaws I'm human I always will be I make mistakes But when I hurt, I say sorry I'll forever be a friend And stick till the end of time
I’ve been burnt, I’ve been broken, I’ve been torn at the seems But our future is the token; it’s the light at the end that beams. I’ve made mistakes; I’ll be the first to admit;
These times are clouded by impenetrable facades; Captivated by the immaculate charades. Foreseen by those that are watching in awe, As they stand only to be cursed and decay.  
And once again I'm given the chance To live my weekend To that dance. We all know How last time went, My reputation Is a little bent. So easy to go  With DJ, I wish I had
I've made too many mistakes. I'm afraid if I make one more, It'll be my undoing.  
You're like a cigarette.
Brock Light broken glass everyone makes mistakes it gives people pains, and aches.
If I wasn't so sure,
Make mistakes. So many of them. So many so that one day you can look back and it and smile and say. I did it. I made it.
I was so stupid.  I am but a child.  I am a master at drilling screws into delicate places severing wood at its weakest points. Turning blossoming friendships into scrap wood
I know what I said,
I want to dance and cry and scream, In memory of all the things we think are better forgotten. "Forgive and forget", they say. Forgive, by all means forgive, But, please don't forget?
  If I could drink my tears, I’d no longer be thirsty. If they would quench the fire, I’d no longer be burning. If they would wash away the worms, I’d no longer be hurting.  
Sitting in this car I can’t move my hands. Go check my facebook, I bet I have some fans Sat me in this chair, ready to tell my story. Before I said a word their jokes told it for me.
Silver ribbon Assiniboinea sash for a city--a ceinture fléchéetied into the Red just off Highway 1          You leak into the topsoil           in the place you call home          and come back up a street map
Baby Girl!! What are you doing?!! Do you care about your life? Being a mother isn't easy Being a single mother is harder Being a single, young mother is damn near impossible.
I’m a blank slate. Fill me up With your arguments your blame, The silence and the spite And expect me not to feel the same. I’m a blank slate—with scratches. Tell me what love is,
Here's another older one to round out the 5 for tonight :3 I'll post more tomorrow, maybe I'll even write a fresh one for you~*   Dreams boil in my chest Hot and fierce they burn my flesh
Here's one from several months back:   Weighed down by the mistakes of my past A pebble, a rock, a mountain on my shoulders At first I ran, regrets like quicksand sucking at my feet
Oh how I wish I could change the past.  the mistakes I've made Are too numerous to count.  I have failed too many times.  I have disappointed others, And I have disappointed myself.   
Can't sit back and wallow  on a past mistake But I can't fake the regret and anguish I feel when I look back on the past Which is why I can't heal I'm just human, I'm only a kid...
I’ve seen the promising become promise-less, helpless, useless   A straight A student taking a straight edge razor to prescription pills To heal the hell until she fell Drowning neck high in alcohol  
I am writing right now with a pencil About a story that reflects us all That who we are is like our own stencil That when life gets tough, we know not to fall   Everyone chooses to make some mistakes
I am writing right now with a pencil About a story that reflects us all That who we are is like our own stencil That when life gets tough, we know not to fall   Everyone chooses to make some mistakes
And then I see him.
And then I see him. Bound to his mistakes, Regret written across hs smiling lips. Even in a suit of orange, His eyes still shine with hope.   The big man speaks. Argument not heard,
Tick, tick, tick; 3 seconds; the length by which a gold fish’s memory exceeds.
  I feel like crap cause yea, i relapse Relapse~to fall into a former state I guess i fell back into devil's trap  I was just a  his susceptible  bait   
I own these things;these things I bore,yet left me for deadI own these things.No ones name but mine engraved.No one to blame, but me to blame.Everlasting, unforgiven, unchanging.
Why is it so easy to steal a girls love and reputation in one swift movement? When a young girl loves too easily She is rejected, cast out by those around her.
So as I type what I did last night don't judge me Don't judge me because everyone sin and nobody’s perfect Talking about sin... that's what i committed
Fire cackles, shadows dancealong the walls ina twisted waltz with the smokethat storms your lungs and ashthat tastes like death on your tongueyour hair and clothes singed off
and i never kissed your supple cherry lips
Intrigued by your mystery,  captivated by your suspense, but you're Forbidden. Like eve nothing can stop this desire, you radiate Temptation.
I have covered my ears From the wise words of your heart You were right from the start I have made my mistake and done my part Forgive me For I was young and naive I didn’t want to believe
  once, twice, again
Sometimes, I mistake deadly toxic smoke.... For beautiful clouds 
If blessed are the forgetful, then what of those who remember? I seem to never forget even the most painful details, Every word, face, smell and feeling Linger in my mind just waiting to come back.
This poem, not a poem, but an inside look at someone's life. There was a time, maybe once or twice, that made'em pay the price. It was just one time, one person, one slip.
Children scribble on the walls,Nonsensical graffitiOn the inside of the womb,Cut up and bleedingInternally.I've fucked up and I'm fucked.This demon called paranoia haunts me before bedtime
You’ve Got Mail I remember the movie well; Full of incomparable romance, Soul-mates of a sort Long since found
I thought that I was normalThe average teenagerWho stressed about the futureThat loomed on my horizonAnd watched Pixar moviesAnd had nerf gun warsBecause adulthood was waitingTo snatch my childhood up
There might not be a reason why But I know there is no reason to hate The people say what route you take  And if you fall or fly But I won't lie when I say People make stupid mistakes.  
Writing in pen is  permanent. Mistakes and all.  I only write once.
Sometimes I think, "What might've been...?" And on these fancy flights is when My brain will start to hurt and ache As I recall each last mistake And all the who's and when's and how
  Silence   My mother always asks me, Why I can never seem to sit still. My muscles tighten and an excuse is quickly constructed,
Would I choose you again After knowing what I know now? Would I stay around Knowing you bring me down?   I am a poison to you And you to me. Yet somehow, We make each other complete.
i made a mistake i made a mistake i made a mistake i made a mistake no...it was my fault the words you howl in pure disgust the words i take in and attempt to digest
The bus clanks and shudders along the broken roads; My pencil jerks from my hand, And the broken roads are mirrored in line breaking My page with its marred stroke. My eraser jumps across the page as I erase
I avert my gaze contemplative and serene we think the same thoughts memories come crashing back fake civility in hand.
We all make choices We all have regrets We all know that person we want to impress I know I screwed up I know I’ve done wrong
 I sit here swimming in the past Realizing what I did at last I never did what was right  And now I see that in the light    I’m lost out here with nothing left to say Just trying to live it day by day
  Mistakes are what bind us, to be the mass of what's greater than ourselves. It formulates a path in which we cannot see of ourselves. Is it a generic code that stimulates us?
I remember in 9th grade I saw my friend begin to fade He had too much ecstasy I thought, “How could this be?” My pal, my friend, my brother Now turned into another What happened to this guy
On the sandy shores of desolation,Amidst the spray and ash,Sits a man all torn and shaken,In the wreckage of a crash,For terrible is the midnight sea,Where men traverse so merrily,
Hear the laughter and not the end Past mistakes in my head Break the tip of my pencil lead The end of the end is only the beginning  When I listen to those words I only hope that you're kidding
I could paint you a portrait. But I'd Rather hand you this photograph. I was only seventeen. She was my temptation On my heart you'll spot her autograph Decorated with Love and a lot of laughs
I can't always realize when I'm wrong. I feel alive when the air brushes past. The wind whistling in my ear like a song. Telling me the time is over, the die is cast.
Let’s play a game, we’ll start with you Tell you what I feel, not of use Arrogant, lazy, always crude Tug another knot, tie the noose   Cowardly ways, I’ll take the blame
Your teeth are clenched, your head down. Your nails sink deeper and deeper with every sound    Your pace is rather brisk, for You feel numerous eyes staring they penetrate through your skin
Words swirl around in the mind, bringing meaning to an otherwise dreaded and foreboding existence. Words on paper or on screen keep the dark at bay for me. All that's needed is a pen
He spoke with silence, the smokers lived there Back in black alleys with blacker, burnt air   But he was trapped his chords rotten red with his huffs and his puffs, he left his voice dead
The sky is the limit they say, yet I havent seen it in days. Loose paper and pen, sorrounded by men. Trying to make it through these years, with fears. Never thought I would end up here, I learned to hear
Born into the world Untouched and unstained by harm and knowledge Still clean, fresh, innocent But then the time starts there I grow, I change, I alter, I mutate I create conscious strokes on my blank canvas
My biggest regret are those days that we spent Washed up on the sand Intertwined My mind goes back to yesterday’s Well spent with you Different places Different times
The wise man, Isn't just no ordinary man, He played his hand many times, And was defeated, Acted selfishy and repeated, Foolish lies that was granted, Was the devils gifts, But what he desired,
Mercy I’m lost in the midst of this storm Can some body come save me from what I’ve become I’m lost at sea, shipwrecked upon this lonely isle
Mistakes from the past still takes its toll today the everlasting effect of one forsaken night I look back and think how stupid and pathetic it was I wish I could take the night back
I'm ready to float away on a cloud and let the wind blow me away and stop me when I'm where I belong. I wanna get away, get away, get away and push away the fact that I'm human
When nothing could be seen darkness and pain was all that could be felt I turned my face to the sun and behind me the shadows fell the right path is not always etched in stone
Silently pondering Hiding the pain and strain Giving me no absolute gain Ranting mind, unforgiving memories Repressed feelings Wish I could take them away
everybody is looking for LOVE but we wind up with PAIN it's not peaceful like a DOVE It's more like a thunderstorm mixed with hail and RAIN
There's a drepresion going through the sins every thing i flow these words are true theses sins that we see and not only commit we have to stop but how can we stop what we most deeply love.We are judged like the pages in our books we are ripped an
I called my mom an idiot I told my dad I hate him And when it came time to go to Italy I said that I didn’t want to go on vacation With them. I’ve made a few mistakes.
I can see it It's within my grasp A few more steps on this fragile line One slip up And we're all gone One slip down And I'm all gone One step forward One step back Slip up?
I'm running through the woods The wind rushing through my hair I take a leap of faith Despite my knowing you're not there I cling to this thought Hold tight to my perfect picture of what if
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