Daddy's Little Girl


Sitting in this car I can’t move my hands.
Go check my facebook, I bet I have some fans
Sat me in this chair, ready to tell my story.
Before I said a word their jokes told it for me.

They laughed, I shook, but my eyes stayed dry,
I’d be damned if I let them see me cry.
The nams they called me sure wasn’t Tee
How bout one blunt girl? OBG.

I could picture my school, they made it my frame.
Wilby on the outside, Tiana as my name.
Waiting for this man, the computer loads
Thinking about how they were so bold.

Smile at the camera! Turned left after straight,
That’s the mug shot he would soon create
He pulled up my dads by his name
Of course our last ones are the same
I faced the brutality of that world
And left the building as Daddy’s Little Girl.


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