I Said The Wrong Thing


United States
United States

I know what I said,

And at the time I meant it.

I know that it’s early,

But I feel like I’ve been hit.

I didn’t want something serious,

And I know you were the same.

But to just ignore me?

That’s just a shame.

I’ve tried saying whatever

And turn to distractions,

But the words in the music

Just heightened the emotions.

My friends told me to be careful,

And laughing I knew I would.

But this experience was different,

It felt so good.

Someone like you...

He’s never existed before.

And I know I seem tough,

But hiding this is a chore.

It was just one night,

One night that meant so much.

I don’t like romantics,

I’ll repeat that it was just one touch.

It’s time for a solution,

And I know it’s only temporary,

But you make me desperate,

I want to seem cheery.

I’ll turn up my Indie music,

I’ll turn off the lights,

I’ll bury my face in my pillow,

And just hold it tight. 

I know what I said.

And I’ll have to stand by it.

I know what I said...

But I’m losing sanity bit by bit.


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