Imitation Stars

Imitation stars.
Bright lights for a shadow heart.
Wonder where the imitation starts 
And he begins.

Imitation sky.
Bright lights from this empty cave.
Tunnel vision making love look brave.
Like we could win.

And emulation heartbreak from fabricated warmth,
and telling myself
I am okay.
This is not real.
This love was warped.

But echoes of heartbeats,

Tell me if you hear them, dear.
And pictures of people,
And stories of places,
And songs that no one could hear.

When the idea of pain leaves real scars,
And photographs cut this deep.
Look at pictures of his smile,
rip up every chance of sleep.
Blue foam eyes and barefoot boys,
stolen time, white noise,
5000 miles and 600  days,
6 hours to wonder if he stays.

And realise that you are gone.

Apprehend that he was never here.
And you are mourning a ghost.
You're crying for a vision, dear.

Because in complete darkness I found you,
and dreamt what you might be.
Bright lights for a shadow heart
are all you left with me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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