Remember the way...

Soft lips,

Cherry balm,

Piercing eyes,

And I can't stay calm

It can't go wrong

My heart beat skips

From feeling her fingertips

And I lost myself cause I'm not that wise, it's my demise.

I became desensitized, demoralized, destabilized.

And I apologized but I still despise the way I was mesmerized,

By the overemphasized romanticized lies

That terrorize an otherwise sane part of my mind.

And I recognize and empathize with your cries,

But I have my own problems that you couldn't recognize.

And it took me a while to realize that I refuse to memorize the butterflies

When I'm forced to normalize my polarized position on whether or not I can still feel just so I can get a response from you

And honestly, now that I cut the tie I no longer feel paralyzed,

So go ahead and criticize, but let me say just 




...Don't be so surprised.


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