Drowning Demons

These demon beings are clawing at my feelings.
My expressions are their impressions.
Their addictions are formed in story fictions.
Burn them all down and make sure I drown.

Heed my warnings or else you'll be mourning. 

Remember that I won't go down that easy.
Not with these demons drowning in me. 
Be sure you won't remember me. 
I let you pray for the memories. 

See my knives, they carry lives.
See my teeth, I hide them beneath.
See our friends, watch them pretend.
We're not so bad, so why look so sad?

Just be proud that we aren't as loud.
We're only here for your crown.

I shouldn't have gone, but you proved me wrong.
I left you there, but I was scared.
I grew tired of these bloody wires.
You refused to see them on your arms.

Can't think twice when I hold the dice.
The bargain was clear, so here's the deal.
Win or lose, there is no clue.
I will be a jester for the tester. 

Either way, we'll be at bay. 
So here's what you need to do.
Just be prepared to slay.
I'll be sure you won't be sued. 

Chain me down, make sure I'm bound. 
Pull my ear make sure I hear.
Take an ax, make sure you act.
Sorry friend, but it must end.

Just tear my soul and I'll play the role. 

I'm so very sorry for my actions.
For I was out of line.
I wish you stayed behind.
For I have demons drowning in me. 

I only wish that these demons weren't so cruel.
Yet, I have broken their rules. 
So I guess this is my adieu. 
So here is you final cue.

Take my knives drive them inside. 
Spread my lungs and cut off my tongue.
Tear my eyes, tear them and hide.
See my face, it is a disgrace. 

Take this box, I'll hide my watch.
Take this heart and it is a start.
See my limbs save them from sins.
See my smile, I am so vile.

I only wish for you to happy.
Without this ugly monster.
The one that these demons.
Drowning within his body.

A body of a broken copy.


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