We All Make Mistakes

Your teeth are clenched,

your head down.

Your nails sink deeper and deeper

with every sound 


Your pace is rather brisk, for

You feel numerous eyes staring

they penetrate through your skin

as they point and laugh at what you're carrying


Voices making their way through to your ears

discomfort, as you fight to hold back the tears

Thoughts rushing through your mind, beating at your brain

"Why God why me ? Why after all these years ?"


With no care for consequences,

you've been having unprotected sex

Now it is your junior year in high school and,

Life has caught up to you... at a time you least expect 


You say a quick prayer, and feel a burst of acceptance

It's time you take you take responsibilty.

You no longer hold your head down, you raise it high

and smile through all the negativity


Though you may have made some bad choices,

having unprotected sex at such a young age

You dont deserve discrimination

You are human, and we all make mistakes








Guide that inspired this poem: 



This is beautiful
Becoming a teen parent doesnt get easier but it does make you stronger.

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