Slipped down your throat

until you lose the feeling in your toes

and the tingle can be felt at the back of your head

The last Valentines Day was the worst

until you met him

and now the worst comes this year

Drowning in the champagne

bubbly until you fall flat

He will see you collapse on

the breakroom floor

where you planned the party with your BFF Zoey

And she tried to hold you up

Until that stupid on and off Jake of hers

steals her attention and all you see is the legs of a chair

Stupid Jake

He lugs you home and you comply

giggling all the way

Not Jake, I mean, Its him

the new guy

The one with that dumb grin you fell for

Why are you getting in his car?

Jennifer, snap out of this

The champagne exits you through your nose and mouth

the burning sensation lingers and

He covers your slick lips with his

and you melt to the floor

this valentines day

the mistakes piled around you like dirt

Last year you were alone

with your alcohol and your memories

but you would far prefer that to this year when

you were duped into shame

through a passing smile

an offered drink

and a quiet "cheers."


Happy Valentines Day, Jennifer.

Enjoy consequenses when you wake up

next to him

in the morning.


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