Wed, 07/30/2014 - 16:37 -- navyak

tear-stained paper

confusion and obscurity

waste no more time dwelling

on things that will never exist

i’m sorry, sweetheart

i’m sorry it has to be like this.


remember the time when it was all just a myth?

i was never scared i couldn’t make you proud

i was stuck in a cobweb of innocence,

strong, carefree, and fearless

running to someone, rather than away

laughing with a friend, rather than at

loving everything, rather than nothing.


the world was lit in shining lights

i was only waiting to reach them

stretching out my tiny, soft hand

yearning to see the (dark) fantasies i had conjured up

but the light that once lured me

to believe is now gone,

replaced by an inevitable disease.

and hope is a four letter word that’s

never there to sew together the

p a i n.


because curiosity made me bleed.

now i know

that it will be the death of me.

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