Blank Slate

I’m a blank slate.

Fill me up

With your arguments your blame,

The silence and the spite

And expect me not to feel the same.

I’m a blank slate—with scratches.

Tell me what love is,

How it smooths out all cares,

Teach me of forgiveness

And then hold grudges.

I’m a blank slate—chipped at the edges.

Drown me with caution,

Shore up the walls

That holds back the tides,

Until the levy falls.

I’m a blank slate—sodden and barely legible.

Still you grind in your dogmas, 

Dry my tears with your sleeve,

Show me how to let go

And leave me.

I’m a blank slate—broken in two.

Tell me I have to choose,

Say you’ll understand,

Force me pick a path,

Yet act disappointed.

I’m a blank slate—

Warped by heat,

Withered by words,

Scratched by spite,

Worn by anger,

Wrinkled by sorrow and time.

Full to the brim

I overflow.

But there is still room.

Lets try again

I’m a blank slate-

Fill me up.



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