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Poems about dinner at seven, and baths at three in the morning.  Poems about faith at midnight,
I think it was high time I took what was yours, I gave what was mine. And for quite some time we made it work I think that deserves, at least, an ode. It might as well be a eulogy Or a vow,
To Space More beautiful than the brightest smile as old as all of time itself The soul of the universe  creatively dancing through the sky Oh space, how I adore you!
Bailey George, O how I miss you: Your shiny black coat with the crest of white on the center of your chest, Your tiny ears that never seemed to fit your 95 lb frame,
My love, my one and only, A cherub in the eyes of man She is so small, her bones withering  To the touch, frail ribs poke against the skin
Hello, new friend, as beautiful as a warm, spring day You are always in the bay in May You are as red as a tomato Not as dull as a potato Handsome and shining
I am made of stone.   The years have eroded me into what I am, A poet, A daughter. Carved by the finest of artists,
Your majors dance to right the wrong, Your minors sweep in somber song. Each note progresses flawlessly To tell a story in any key. A tune that captivates one’s mind
Apocalyptic and when you think about it, some of the sounds are slightly (just slightly, like a whisper) cryptic.
Congratulations. You’ve done it. With words of wisdom and liberty, You can lean back and sit
A tree cast from iron stands proud by the wall, This tree does not bloom, nor lose leaves in the fall. It does not give almonds, leaves, berries, or sticks, This black metal tree that grows down by the bricks,
In the morning her eyes paint the cities horizon. Stretching and yawning. Getting dressed; Her blue tapestry. Opening the door to her apartment She climbs down broken stairs. It's payday Friday.
Life gets tough when you aren't around. Without none of the things you have to offer. So much as the ease of a smile. But what I love most about it.
Your boy has talentI see it in his eyesThat voice carries angels to the skyI wouldn't liePray God on highHear me when I sayHe's gonna make it one day.  
We all have a story Adventures to tell Memories of old conversations held Except  Those who are quiet have a different tale to tell Usually right there with them is their security blanket A crutch
My erythrocytes are letters my blood is tomato soup made of english and iron paper cuts are spelling bees blisters ooze puss and punctuation. Sometimes I feel if I ever bled out
You are something new Someone my life never had before But the moment it did I knew I wanted more of you   You who I’ve always been told to ignore
I have a confession... and I must say, that I am in love. with a movement and a little mood hits. well, not little, but big
Chipotle, Chipotle, you're oh so great A rice bowl and chips are what I most prefer on my plate   To go alongside I will get coca-cola
a sky of blackbirds and blue jays  does never cross my mind   as much as deserts and cacti all be in short supply.   and though i of the sea proclaim the safety of my heart  
You’ve always help up your head for me Always thought about what was best for me But I don’t know why you can’t see You’re too stressed and it makes it hard for me to sleep
Ink that you bare so proudly, That mirrors the writing of my mother, Of the Matthew verse she taught me. “So, don’t worry about tomorrow For tomorrow with have worries of its own.
I am so lucky to see the world in color, To wake up and have the sunlight shine on my skin. My life has been crafted by the hands of someone who mused on pigmentation;
    Long live my Father Who is the wisdom in life's eye Who upon his shoulders rest Who is never willing to die       Long live my Father Who upon a chariot was born
From the early mornings until the late nights, oh what a sight. No you don’t bark,  bark you have never. But you listen Like the leaves brushing outside of my window in soft strokes 
Our daily visitor’s a special cat, No-one can really argue about that! Across the road she comes to our side, From the animals at her house she wants to hide.
once upon a time  our lives were intertwined the right way the love we had so sticky sweet rich like batido de mamay* flower garlands  lockets  locked hands
Oh books that I love,with your frayed covers and tattered pagesYou take me on perilous adventuresand entice me with electrifying romances.You make me laugh at characters mischief and weep at their demise.
Ode to the State   Ode to the love and to the hate   Ode to the world that we make   To the skies of gray
The beauty of birth, you come out so pink. Eyes not even open, who knows what you think.   Now you are older, that is for sure. A coat of black and white, so soft is your fur.  
My soul rests within your twisted knots, Warren and bear from storm and play. Each stroke of your bark holds separate memories, We pass you by without second thought.  
Hope is a thing without substance, More fickle than one would think. Yet around us it lives in abundance Even when we are on the brink
Once in a while, on a Good Friday,  I might get the chance to have you.    To see you fall into the smokey sauna,  Brings sweet pleasure to my bubbling taste buds.   I love hearing your sweet sizzle,
Thank you for granting me impermanence; Consciousness is a pair of 3D glasses or 2 hours of headache tossed in the trash. If I had to keep taking shits until the Universe’s expiration date,
Your voice spills from the Earth It spews from the soil and resonates It resonates through everything Every word spoken spurts the painful truth
O rotted scripts, yellowed as teeth, this agéd ivory Beauteous was the tongue that traced all glamor in thy tree Whisper to thee thy history, of how thou came to be Reveal to thee thy ancient tale of score and victory.
His eyes are so beautiful, I could stare into them forever. His lips so full and soft, my favorite to kiss. His skin so rough, yet pleasing to my touch. His voice is admired by others, but loved by me.  
On land and sea Mountains and valleys Spaces and gullies Your friendly ties count.
You are the aching breaths The struggling steps i’ve taken to the healing powers in tomorrow Tears marked with death You no longer have control over my sorrows  
A couple clicks On a bright screen In a dimly lit familiar place New seats take the frustration away But no the panic of deadlines Or the anxiety of competition  Among the better graphics 
Bubbly bubbly bubbly soap Oh how you give me some kind of hope I step out fresh from head to toe Even in the dark you make me glow Everyday you clean me oh so well So that everyone can always tell
This is to those souls who turn penciled prose once froze poetically Into hearts spoke phonetically Because Respectively Some words are too great To be caged upon a page. So Here's to
The day is long, its prospects dreary, and in this state I’m weak and weary. I have no drive and no desire; I need something that will inspire. Of movement and of thoughts I’m leery, yet to my mind there comes a query:
You relish in the moment I get jealous. You thrive when I feel invisible & not alive. You hide in what you can't confide. You make the world damned. Innocence is banned.
Oh Half Mile, Hearing that gun How it makes me smile You always make it fun You make me forget about life for awhile
There once was a rose made out of concrete  Becuase concrete is where it grows  Its petals frozen solid  By the ice, the wind, and snow  Though it is beautiful on the outside  Its true colors will never show 
I have a love hate relationship with swimmingIt seems like it’s up and down every weekBut my tolerance has grown over eight yearsNow I know how to deal with it.I spend so many hours in the poolAll the tears and disappointing memories fadeWhen I wi
Mi Sol, Oh how I miss Your mysterious brown eyes Like a dark starless night. I love how you rub your scruffy beard Upon my soft, gentle cheek.  
There is that one thing we love so much But, everything must come to an end Our most favorite, cherished thing slips out of our touch Once its gone you must move on to your new best friend  
Ode to the lost You don’t know where you are Or where you’re going Only where you’ve been   Ode to the confused You try to understand
the needle comes down and a crackle comes to life shellac disc inscribed with spiral grooves
Water from the sky Falling like tears from an infant’s eye Multitude of tiny drops Watering many farmers’ crops   Rain is destruction
you had a smile that could direct like the compass rose.
you had a smile that could direct like the compass rose.
Oh! Fork, you are so silver and strong. You help me eat my salad. This is why I write a ballad.   Oh! Fork with no distinct handle. Picked up ham, cucumber and leaf Cheese and Onion and beef  
I believe you're misunderstood No one bothers to look for the good That you've given me all my life Such a crazy misconception On my part that I had been wishing to leave this place behind at all  
Oh, the saccharine exhale of the skies Breaking through the denseness of stagnant air Lifting up spirits and drowning out destitute cries Claiming the heavens as her lair Reigns the frivolous delight known as wind
Are we in some way not gelatin or wi
I love the way your words cuuurl up Around your front teeth Like a cat’s tail... Or a breath of cool morning air that floats up to fill the space Before finally getting spat out.  
Archaic figures haunt your somnolence,
O, sea-soaked soul that rides the pother pale
Clothing could never warrant me dressed For I am naked without you, my Jewels Gold! your chains' yellow hue draped on my chest Liken the skin beneath them beautiful My rings are not just simple silver bands
 Ode to Darkness   You have existed  since the beginning  of time and for too many years and to too many minds have been misunderstood  
odd how i think ofYou in the spice aisleof the grocer near my homewhich sits empty,waiting forYour bodyto fill it with the smell of rosemary andsmoke.   if only i had time
Oh thank the Lord for making me flawless in a way that I understand I am a flawed human being. With that I cover my path with humility for you have revealed to me the wisdom that "so the last will be the first,".
Ode to books
A cradling embrace A comfort space A warm hug   The night of cotton The understanding we crave
You always looked at the bright side, Even on the gloomiest days. You taught me to adjust to the tide, Yet, stand firm in my ways.
Ode to that rose that grew outside my window pane
Something is wrong You’re so far away Not for too long You’ll be here to stay   Joined by mothers You are like a sister Though we can act like brothers And sure cannot whisper  
Ode to Arizona on a Hot Summer's DayWritten by Adam M. SnowOh sweltering is summer's day of bliss,
  O lost and forgotten ones, Thou and thy daughters and sons, Thou that lived, and breathed, and died, And spoke, and laughed, and cried. O poor and broken heart,
You are so graceful, elegant Even sometimes sudden and firm Steps are delicate, yet sharp The movements are very versatile   Flexibility, precision, and control
The ticking, ticking of the clock Repetitious, never stopped Ticking, tocking all the day All while the pendulum swings and sways Oh so rhythmic and defined Oh so soothing all the time
  Long live the forests, the graceful trees
  O goddess fair, enthroned and seated high Above my weary head and earth-bound soul
Did you see that? That, there. That lady is staring at me. She keeps looking over here. Do I have a booger in my nose? Is my receding hairline showing? Twenty years old with a receding hairline.
Music is everything It is soul It is raw emotion It is joy and it is fear It is sight while it is sound
Because we are the broken and shattered crooked smiles on crooked streets treadmill runners yearning for a place to be Because we desire to be found as "somebody"  
Ode to the place that drew me in
Ode to the Juvies, 
Whenever you saw him your day got bright, While asleep he’d protect the house,
Clipped wings keep you caged but your song flows sinuously still
Ode to my bed Whom I sleep with at night Small, and with soft sheets Ode to my bed The sheets cover my body A comforter on top Ode to my bed Holding me at night
I don’t remember when I first truly appreciated Your existenceWhen I was first thankful to have YouWhen I first beckoned on You
Wintry berries dead at the tips of snow-sagged branches red as blood-inked lips.   Wintry oceans tucked into bed with the earth beneath it, people on its head.  
  Ode to my greatest companion, Teddy Your small body, covered in purple fur, battered and worn down after over a decade of use
Early mornings enhanced by your bold flavor, awakening my senses. With a few sugars and some hazelnut cream you become the perfect way to start the day.
Flowers are the diamonds of nature. They blossom and bloom like little turtles emerging from their shells. The dewdrops are like jewels, glistening glamourously in the sun.
Dancing the dance of the slowly dying, your defiant grin is reflected in every Jack-O-Lantern, stitched, into every Scare-Crow.   You shower the ground in a flurry of colorful confetti
AFTER Hang the head in shame for the days that plague me Forsake the days that remain The heaviness of my soul, a bare witness to the sheer pain the earth provides
O Creative Writing, you have treated me well!Now I hope that I do not forget how to spell.We have learned that poetry has meaning and grace,And that it can benefit the whole human race.
Ode To Sunshine Looking Over The Valley  Slowly Spreading Sunshine Reaching Out Its Fingers And Touching Everything Ode To Sunshine Turning Orange To Yellow Warmth Is A Blanket
A white orb of light Hangs out amidst beautiful dust To accentuate her amount of might Especially when it causes much fuss
How wonderous an entity you are. I only wish to share you with the world and proclaim my undying affections.   Your powers are infinite. Your purpose is true. I am but an instrument to you,
There is no feeling, Quite like the moments before you step on stage, In front of a packed house, Your stage director looks at you and says, 30 seconds to curtain,
Such gentle creatures They hold a calming trait Giving warm, friendly features A friend to turn to and wait
I got introduced to this CREW When I became a part of DRAMA It was for my high school PLAY Some day it feels like i live HERE As if this is my FIRST HOME.
I met the dear Ophelia Upon the western stair Through some columns of transport Into the wild air.
Bought by my grandma, than passed on to my mother, who then passed it to me, is a little piano with the notes written on the keys. Though old and worn as a school girl's first
You’re always there to calm my nerves, Change my mood or help me clean. Lifting spirits while refreshing memories Bringing back what’s fond to me
You, mother, are the object of my appreciation. You have brought me into this strange world, Leaving me to explore with bright eyes and no sense of direction The fresh air being inhaled into my tiny lungs for the first time
Oh dear Muse, I don’t know your name, I can’t see your face, But your silent words, inspire me to chase my dreams. Because of your weightless pull, I will take another step. Because of your gentle hand, I will never stray.
It sat there, on its godly pedestal, Alone. All its Friends of the Chocolate were unmistakably Gone. Vanished. O Dear Cookie Sweet Cookie O Cookie Tell me your secrets of survival.
Dear notebook, whom I could not live without. You are my life and my outlet. Please don't ever get lost.
Eyes, pools of liquid splendor, orbs of silent intensity, flitting here, flitting there, resting in sunken sockets and greedily consuming each ray of light. You hide your power behind leaden lids
I could not figure out what to write about It was quite the mess to figure out My mother had tons of doubt In my terrible rhyming skills She thought I was unable to rhyme Worth a dime
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