Ode to a Black and White Cat (by Eva and Alex Peck)

Our daily visitor’s a special cat,

No-one can really argue about that!

Across the road she comes to our side,

From the animals at her house she wants to hide.

Our neighbours do not mind,

By nature they are very kind.

About their cat being with us they are happy,

Their new puppy chased her and was snappy.

So the cat thought, this is no use,

And staying at home she did refuse.


She sensed there was love and kindness here,

Which to her cat heart sounded dear.

She has made herself at home before long,

Bringing us much fun and affection strong.

From early morning to late at night,

The cat is always great delight.

She comes early in the morning,

Rattles the door with no warning.

Then gallops in through the door,

Sits and purrs on the kitchen floor.


Before long, she wants a snack,

We some cheese or meat unpack.

At times she gets some chicken meat,

A well-deserved and special treat.

We give bread to birds on the balcony,

This the cat thinks is a felony!

The birds sneak pieces with the cat in sight,

Yell at her, then take to flight.

The cat’s been seen enjoying the bread,

Who has ever heard of that?


A lovable, crazy cat she’s indeed.

Sometimes all she wants is eat.

She has a way to beg for a treat,

Our hearts melt and we give her some meat.

Other times the birds’ bread makes her happy,

And it then makes her quite peppy.

Her stomach seems like a bottomless pit,

Her diet a noble royal cat would fit.

This truly is a remarkable cat,

Few like her we have ever met.


Having relished the tasty food,

She might be in a playful mood.

It’s a nice way to start the day,

With some cat fun and watch her play.

We bought for her a scratching pole,

So in carpets she makes no hole!

With it she has lots of fun,

Cuddles to it in the sun.

Then she wants to go outside,

And under the palms she may hide.


Soon thereafter she’ll want to sleep,

Her favourite chair we let her keep.

Due to advancing age we say,

She will rest most of the day.

As she peacefully sleeps on the floor,

I know that one sad day she’ll be no more.

In a way, she mirrors human life;

But we won’t debate if cats have after-life!

All creatures go from youth, adulthood, to old age and death;

One day, we’ll each too on earth take our last breath.


It’s years since the cat came our way,

Yet it seems just like yesterday!

She was not always here all day,

This evolved with time in some way.

Even though she’s now a senior cat,

She still has spunk, we must admit that!

She eats and plays, and goes out and in,

Then she sleeps for hours, stretched out thin.

Or, on the floor curled up next to me,

She is a picture of peace to see.


One morning the cat’s meow was heard,

In she rushed with a dead bird!

A bit of shock, this was a topper,

From gift-giving we couldn’t stop her!

Another morning we were met

By the cat spraying the hamper wet.

This made us both quite upset,

So out was sent the naughty cat!

But we couldn’t long at her be mad,

So back came the cat, no more sad!


On another early morn,

Just around the time of dawn,

The neighbour’s other cat came our way,

But was by “our” cat quickly shooed away.

She hissed, growled and made a nasty noise,

It was hard for the tomcat to keep his poise.

So down the stairs he scampered fast,

Then the red mailbox he ran past.

Across the road and up to the roof,

There he then sat and looked aloof.


Somehow, the cat’s now our boss,

Without her, we’d be at a loss.

Who’d get us up early each day,

And stop us fall prey to the easy way?

From early morning to late at night,

This cat makes our life fun and bright.

She waits for us to come home from shopping,

And sometimes she keeps us hopping.

As in and out she comes and goes,

Watch you don’t step on her toes!


By closely watching our cat,

We are learning this and that.

It seems this cat has ESP,

How it works is a mystery!

She sensed when we had pain in heart,

brought us comfort, was real smart.

Peacefulness marks her whole life,

There is no unpleasant strife.

Another ability is her equanimity, 

As well as the cat’s calm serenity.


Yet she remains alert and aware,

Knows what goes on here and there.

The cat is funny just by being,

This we are both daily seeing!

She gives us reason for frequent laughter,

We always feel good thereafter.

She now has less spunk in the morning,

But without her, life would be boring!

This cat has a special presence.

A mysterious inner essence.


At four o’clock in the morning,

Well before each day’s dawning,

The cat gently scratches at the door,

And a new cycle begins once more.

Sometimes it is well before four,

That the cat is scratching at the door.

Sleepily we ponder, 'Should we let her in?'

Showing some grace, we choose to let her win!

She’s an extra special cat,

There is no doubt about that!



Composed by Eva and Alex Peck

This poem is about: 
My family


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