The Great Country of America

Congratulations. You’ve done it.

With words of wisdom and liberty,

You can lean back and sit

Observe your perfect country.

Where people born of those before

Still pay prices too high

For things you like to ignore,

Comforts like food they cannot buy.


Where people born of different rights

Come to seek freedom promised

To sit in restless sleepless nights,

To wonder if you were honest.

Where people who are simply born,

People who didn’t choose to,

cast aside by you those scorn,

Cutting them off until they’re blue.


Where children born sinless

Are forced to suffer from ignorance,

You insist the water is bloodless,

Around the wells you still have them dance.

Where families are torn to pieces,

Where they are all left to suffer,

Lectured by our wrongful mouthpieces,

Spoken as if we differ.


Congratulations. You’ve done it.

Created a nation who hasn't changed.

Who uses media to omit,

All who are still chained...


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