Ode to Bubbles


United States
36° 45' 51.8292" N, 121° 46' 35.5116" W

Such gentle creatures
They hold a calming trait
Giving warm, friendly features
A friend to turn to and wait

Non-judging, floating by
Almost indifferent to my troubles
Their advice to my trivial dilemmas fly
Are they only bubbles?

Spherical and clear
Light, and reflecting every color
I wish to hold them dear
But one touch ends what was polar and nonpolar

Their beauty in the blue skies
Their beauty in post storm
They hold so much, no lies
Yet are so little, it's a norm

Let them be free
Free from the unknown
I wish it were me
But there’s too much I can’t postpone

Understated is said love
Overstated if said 'til death
When they float above
These bubbles make happiness

Continue do they idle by
Giving peace to one's hectic mind
Thankful am I
For they bring serenity and peace to my stressful life


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