Ode to the Holy Spirit

I don’t remember when I first truly appreciated Your existence
When I was first thankful to have You
When I first beckoned on You

I don’t know what clicked in my mind
That made me realize I know God and Jesus,
But that, that was only two-thirds of whole

          I don’t know these things.

 But it doesn’t matter because I know other things,
I know that You are the most tangible part of the Trinity to me
That you were sent to Comfort me
So in those moments of hopelessness, You are there

I know that any message the Father sends, goes through You
That you are my Connection, and without that Connection, I am cut off
Which makes You that much more important to me

But mostly Holy Spirit, I know that You are a still, gentle, soul,
And to hear You, I need to tune and turn everything else down.





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