Peace of Rain

Water from the sky

Falling like tears from an infant’s eye

Multitude of tiny drops

Watering many farmers’ crops


Rain is destruction

With the powers of creation

Submerging the world in an endless sea

Or giving nutrients to all plants, and any kind of tree


The rain a cleanser of all evil

Like the age of knights known as the Medieval

Rain has the ability to touch and known how a person is feeling

Turn my art into the art that is so soothing


To a person’s sadness, their pain

Grant the power of the rain

Make these words an instrument to help change and not refrain

In a pursuit of pure joy and hope, do not let them be spoken in vain

Or to let the hopes of the needy wane


Rain takes the form of people’s emotions

Similar to the spells caused by potions

Purify and give joy to hearts and minds of people who attempt some kind of immoral disdain

Ode to the Rain.

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