Ode to Dying

Thank you for granting me impermanence;

Consciousness is a pair of 3D glasses

or 2 hours of headache tossed in the trash.

If I had to keep taking shits until the Universe’s expiration date,

I’d wait for you to mistake me as a crumpled plastic bag in the ditch

after my organs cannibalized my own muscle tissue.


Thank you for granting me impermanence;

Decay is a privilege you’ve promised in me

From the moment I was born, you were implied.

You’re the grandfather I never had:

A wise, humble war veteran 

teaching me what can only be learned from generational experience. 


Thank you for granting me impermanence;

I am riding a wave with only one crest

I arose from death to descend a ladder back down

But in between I passed Earth

I met you, and you guided my transition. 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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