Ode to Hydrangeas


The beautiful water jar, that from southern Asia hails,

That shows us heartfelt loveliness and grace that never fails.

Its love of water meets my own, just as its colours show,

Its colours of the vast deep sea are ones I’m glad to know.

With the closely knit bunches of pretty petals galore,

With the rounded shape and its meter height, or even more,

It shows us its boastfulness and deserved great vanity,

With its long, powerful stem that is as green as can be.

Its star shaped flowers remind me of the beautiful sky;

A light in the darkness, in light the blue that’s always nigh.

Each intricate little detail is a great work of art,

And with its abundant gratefulness it fills up my heart.

All its little cups contain the riches of this great world,

The wondrous beauty and its promises unfurled.

Praise be to the one who blessed the world with the idea;

The blest creator of the ethereal hydrangea.


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