Ode to the Earth

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 12:50 -- ryannk


Long live the forests, the graceful trees

The keepers of secrets, the calmest of souls


Long live the seas, the powerful waters

Kind and terrible, forever in motion


Long live the mountains, their majestic strength

Bearing the weight of the world, never do they falter


Long live the rivers, the most cheerful of nature's forces

Chuckling as they trip and fall, the innocence of a pure world


Long live the valleys, their peaceful beauty

Golden grasses sway; hilltops bear the sun on their shoulders


Long live the sunrise, a glorious world is dawning

Light crowns all creation; the world is aglow with breath-taking beauty


Long live the sunset, a beautiful day is fading

The dwindling light, the sun's goodbye until morning


Long live twilight, a mysterious hour

Darkness encompasses all, making light all the more precious



Oscar Li


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