Ode to my Bed

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 20:31 -- Dbattel


Ode to my bed

Whom I sleep with at night

Small, and with soft sheets

Ode to my bed

The sheets cover my body

A comforter on top

Ode to my bed

Holding me at night

Like a mother with her baby

Ode to my bed

Keeping me safe

Relaxing my body

Ode to my bed


Absorbing my aches and pains

Ode to my bed

In the morning

I don’t want to leave

Ode to my bed

I am warm and rested

Chilly air outside

Ode to my bed

I must now get up

To start the new day

Ode to my bed

Sheets pulled up and made

Ready for the next night


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