Ode to the 800 Meter

Oh Half Mile,

Hearing that gun

How it makes me smile

You always make it fun

You make me forget about life for awhile

Your waterfall start makes me outgun

Here we go down lane one single file

Your second turn fools everyone

Here I go making my move staying agile

We pass coach reminding me not to overrun

Running down the rubber aisle

Passing with ease lap one

Rounding turn 3 this isn’t no time trial

Down the back stretch my mouth is dry like a hotdog bun

Wheeling around turn 4 I start my kick It turns into a freestyle

Crossing that line feeling like one metric ton


Oh Half Mile,

You make me proud to wear the uniform that says Ryle

You make track worthwhile


Oh Half Mile,

This may sound dumb

I love the way you make me feel numb

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