an ode to feminism

I have a confession...

and I must say,

that I am in love.

with a movement

and a little mood hits.

well, not little, but big

it's gone on for decades-- no! centuries!

ya dig?

and I stand here empowered

and by love I am devoured

With all of the women, who came before me

all the ones that stand before me

the strongest of creatures, oh-- i adore, see

it's her-stories that serenade my psyche

from Woodhull, who challenged what she saw,

to Wollstonecraft, who carved a path.

from de Beauvoir, with philosophy that has come so far,

to Angelou, that spoke out for rights that were past due.

and that's just from the past 2,

almost 3 centuries.

and it is only but a few

that inspire so many.


let me speak out for the ones out there

the ones living in fear

of every gender, race, denomination

across every (not only this) nation.

let me speak out with love


love and equality

the sweet harmony

the end to monotony

a type of mental and spiritual autonomy

where everyone is equal

not one above the other

where we all care for one another

because we've gotten so close

yet are still so far-- and I am consumed with an admiration

that is so deep that if it was a wound, it would never scar.

a flicker of candle light

that ignited from a spark, that i watched

attentively as dawn woke from night.

the flames danced, so light on her toes

and like my infatuation, she grows

a ragingly beautiful fire that does not kill

but instead, just like a swailing, it is meant to heal.


And I have a confession...

i must say that i am

-- and pardon me for saying the f-word, but...

a feminist.

and Now, please.

please, don't take me the wrong way.

I didn't say

that i hate men, and i did not throw a fist,

and there is a difference between this and an extremist,

and people tend to be misconstrued

when one says they rooted

their thoughts for a path that has been routed

for all to empower, one another,

to empower your friend, sister, mother

and still some disapprove

when i say the name of the women's rights move- ment.

but if there is one thing that i have learned

is that the knowledge that has turned

me into the woman that i stand here as

is nothing short of persistence

from women facing resistance

and paving the way, for equality to be earned.



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