An Ode to My Car

Hello, new friend, as beautiful as a warm, spring day

You are always in the bay in May

You are as red as a tomato

Not as dull as a potato

Handsome and shining

Always needing realigning

Your sleek black interior is beyond compare

Without a glare

Not only are you pretty

But you have the ability

To go much faster than forty

Although your gas mileage is thirty

You are my best friend

Because we have no end

Always waiting at my every call

Even dependable at the mall

Sometimes I forget where I put your keys

Because I have a disease

Called losing the keys

I depend on you to take me where I must go

Even in the snow

Your exhaust attracts attention

When that is not the intention

Your name is very extreme

Like a lemur’s esteem

You are a horse

And we will never get divorced

Your lights light my heart

like a brand new part

Your trunk is large

Like a barge

Your hood has wrinkles

Like old Kris Kringle

You are my North Star

You are my car


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