Ode To Chipotle

Mon, 05/14/2018 - 14:15 -- ur mom

Chipotle, Chipotle, you're oh so great

A rice bowl and chips are what I most prefer on my plate


To go alongside I will get coca-cola

Chipotle can be eaten anywhere including Angola!


When you’re sad, Chipotle is the perfect place

You can get away from everything, eat food and have space!


When you take a bite, your world will pause

And let me tell you Chipotle is the cause!


If you tell me Chipotle isn’t great, you must be incorrect

Because when I hear you say that, a lie is what I detect!


All the food here is not bought from a shop

But instead grown freshly with many other crops!


The chips are the best! So salty and sweet

Not any other company can even compete!


The idea of Chipotle makes me sway

If it were to disappear, my life would become gray


Once I finish my meal, I let out a sigh

Without Chipotle I would cry and cry


When asked, what food should we get

I say, “Chipolte, the best food you’ll ever get!”


No matter when or where Chipotle is where to go

You can eat it in the rain, you can eat it in the snow!


Eating this food will bring you down to Earth

You’ll feel brand new, you’ll feel rebirthed!


And you don’t need to worry, its GMO-free!

The animals are fed and raised with natural meats!


Chipotle also has many great deals

“Buy one get one free” sure is a steal!


Chipotle has tacos, burritos and more

I’d say that it’s the number one Mexican Store!


So if you want good food, Chipotle is preferred

Because Chipotle is what everybody should yearn


by Thomas Herrick

This poem is about: 
Our world


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