Ode to Eyes

pools of liquid splendor,
orbs of silent intensity,
flitting here,
flitting there,
resting in sunken sockets
and greedily consuming each ray of light.
You hide your power behind leaden lids
and lashes like spikes of ebony.
Gossamer fibers of brilliance
surround the portal to your core.
You pin me in place,
devouring every feature of my face.
You decipher my soul
with cones and rods
not waiting to weigh the pros and cons.
The painter of the mind,
you give mankind
the chance to see and be seen.
Sacred spheres of perception,
you cannot lie.
Lips let loose lies into trusting ears
while hands caress falsehoods
into supple skin.
It is human nature
to be deceptive,
to be distant,
to be guarded.
But you,
while your power can be masked
behind flesh,
your encapsulation
of our souls
can never be concealed.
Whether creasing with the joy of
a genuine smile,
leaking crystalline pain,
or drooping in weariness
of life like a withering bloom,
you convey, you embody,
you are what keeps the hearts of men true.
Eyes are the essence of the soul,
the truest form
in which one can share themselves.
Mankind is eternally indebted to you
for all your magnificence,
for all the unspoken words said,
for all the truths conveyed
through an intimate glance.
You, luminous gateways,
bless living creatures
with the swirling visions of beauty
that sweep constantly past us.


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