Ode to ranch dressing

There is that one thing we love so much

But, everything must come to an end

Our most favorite, cherished thing slips out of our touch

Once its gone you must move on to your new best friend


My best friend was not living, but still she is gone

Her, ability to bring people-together, her sassy flavor and her bravery

Will never move on

Today I pay tribute to her, her sweetness and her savory


The first time I met her, I was drawn in

Her name was Ranch Dressing

We were inseparable, she was practically a twin

Being her best friend was a blessing


Ranch Dressing would come to all family meetings

She never missed a birthday party, BBQ or dinner

Made it to all indoor visits and outdoor greetings

Her loyalty to friendship was why she was a winner


An event without her was not acceptable

There was and will be a hole where she is meant to be

What are we going to put on our vegetables

Ranch had a positive impact on me


Her ability to bring my family together

Will be missed dearly

She also had an abundance of flavor

Which also will be missed severely


This flavor of hers is a bit tangy

But we all think she’s a hoot

Her ability to be versatile is amazing

She is perfect on carrots, salad, steak, and pizzas, anything but fruit


Her flavor is the one thing I personally loved about her

She never changed it either

Yet I cherish one more thing about her

Her bravery till she was no longer a breather


One day Ranch Dressing, realized her time was running out

Her ability to squirt on my plate began to hurt

Ranch Dressing was so brave, she never did pout

She was brave until her last squirt


I hope to be like her, when my days are few

Being positive and calm

I don’t think I could, I freaked out just with the flu

That’s why she’s the bomb


In closing, Ranch Dressing was my best friend

She was savory yet tangy and always brought people together

She was oh, so brave when her days declined

One day we’ll meet again, soon, far, whenever  

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